Nikki Sixx Fan Warm Hearted Story….

Yesterday I wrote about the Meister family from Pocono, Pa, Shawn, Lori, Jessica & T.J. Meister who were waiting in line at Barnes & Noble to get a guitar signed by Nikki Sixx. The folks at B&N said they wouldn’t allow the guitar to get signed as Sixx was only signing books. They wanted to get the instrument signed for their son Andrew who was being deployed to Afghanistan shortly.
Mr Meister writes me “We Finally made it in to meet Nikki Sixx and yes he did sign the bass for my son Andrew Meister who is currently driving the M1-A1 Abrams Tank & the new Stryker armored personnel carrier.
He is in Fort Benning, GA. And awaiting his orders for Afghanistan.

Nikki was very gracious and remembered us from the last time he was in town signing his Heroin Diaries book.
He remembered my son because last time he didn’t ask for anything to be signed, he just wanted to shake his idols hand, from one bass player to another.

Nikki and his entire crew also said to tell Andrew thank you for what he is doing and for serving our great nation.” – What a nice ending. Thank you Andrew, God Speed. Happy Mother’s Day Jessica, and thanks everyone for this story.