ZEE BAR’S 5TH ANNIVERSARY Wild Times had by All

Thursday Night was Zee Bar’s Fifth Anniversary Party. 5TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION 5 DJ’S* 5 CITIES* 1 NIGHT!! Zee Bar is a little bit of Las Vegas here in Philly. It’s mysterious, exciting, exclusive and cagey. More times than not people would rather you not take their photos cause there’s a good chance they’re not where they should be, but where they want to be, where the fun is. What goes on here definitely stays here.
Fashion was in full swing, it’s a night out and as my friends tell me this is the place you want to be to meet your next breakfast buddy so you want to look the part. Is it bad if a club has that reputation, I don’t think so. People are here to have a good time and live out their fantasies. That’s what Delilah’s is about, and being it’s close proximity the Zee Bar is unapologetic about the lascivious behavior. It’s also a great place to go for a celebration as almost anything goes, and the Zee Bar has the most bottle service spots in any club I have ever seen. See the “cabana” rooms with the beads, and in the foreground there are lounge areas for bottle service, and it’s all packed to the gils.
Brian Exlay gets the party started 2 fisting Grey Goose

Jenn Shamey-Exlay, Owner of both Delilah’s & Zee Bar with Buffy Morgan, Director of Marketing
Barri, Aly Green and Leah on the red carpet. Silencia was the PR on this project.
Dave, Dana Spain and Tom
Natalie and Megan Heaton
Carmena Ayo-Davies, 3BG Marketing Solutions, Kijafa Frink, PNKElephant, which in today’s earlier post I mentioned is opening a store at 5th & South Streets,

Mike Welsh, GM Franklin and Mortgage company and Chris

The girls at the front door.
Sean Edwards, Rittenhouse Communications and Zee Bar doorman, but he’s much more than that Brian Taylor. Brian has just returned to Philly to finish his studies at University of Penn and is again the gate keeper of Zee Bar. After working in Las Vegas at some of the swankiest playgrounds, his game is sharper and he really scrutinizes who and what kind of dress enters the Zee Bar doors. I saw him turn away a few neatly dressed, but wearing crappy sneakers peeps at the door (mostly he turned them towards Delilah’s cause there main dress code, is undress). So be warned.

“An evolutionary advance in Philadelphia nightlife, Zee Bar takes the membership-only concept into a stratosphere of unprecedented luxury. Zee Bar’s breathtaking design gives it both spaciousness and intimacy, for everything from unleashed dancing to undisturbed chilling. Members enjoy extended hours, VIP spaces, bottle service and far more.” (source) Throughout the night the ladies from Delilah’s make their way into Zee bar and a little zeal is heard throughout the club as their fans greet them.
The 2nd floor reminds me of the Brady Bunch living room, with a bar. To my left is a larger room with couches, but a few of the patrons thought they were at Delilah’s and I couldn’t get a decent photo without disturbing them. Basically, Zee Bar is every guys dream house, and every girls candy land.
Andi Pesacov and Tom
I left about 3AM and the place was just getting it’s mojo, and it was a Thursday night. Check out NBC Non-Stop Philadelphia Thursday Night ch 248 at 9:30PM to catch the rest of the story on my segment Philly Scene. Follow me on twitter @iphillychitchat thanks