Brittani Kline America’s Top Model Did A Photo Shoot With Chris Gabello Years Before

I’m just reviewing my mail that I’ve neglected and came across this note from Photographer Chris Gabello from last week:

Hey everyone,

I’m feeling like a proud papa today.
Brittani Kline won America’s Next Top Model last night!!
I first saw her a few years ago at a fashion show and was struck by her walk.
I asked her if she’d like to come to Philly and shoot. I put her and her aunt up in a hotel room for a day or 2.
It was her first pro photo shoot. We shot for 2 days and yielded tons of work, most of which I use to represent this studio to this day.
I was her biggest fan from those days onward. Just straight raw talent. I was always telling her she needed to get to NY.
Just an amazing person and talent. Couldn’t be happier for her.
Congrats Brittani!
see some clips below from that 2 day shoot.
have a great week,

Commercial Photographer
1511 Moravian St
Phila PA 19102