PA House budget passed; spending decisions now with the Senate! – Need Your Help!

Dear Hugh,
Tuesday night at 8:16 pm, when many of us day-timers were far away from our desks, the PA House of Representatives passed their version of the budget by a vote of 109-92. The current version of the budget includes a 70% cut to the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA). This cut will bring the PCA from $8.4 million to $2.5 million in grants to the arts. A PA budget of $2.5 million will mean a decrease in the number of funding programs offered by the PCA and vital arts programming in Southeastern PA will be lost. There will be no way around this grim level of impact if the final version of the PA budget is passed with this amount of PCA funding. It is imperative that you call your State Senator before June 6th to urge them “to restore funding to the PCA at $8.2 million in their version of the budget bill.” Yes, say these words on the telephone right now and no, this cannot wait! Only you can make sure this same thing doesn’t happen in the Senate. Call your PA Senator right now to be sure that your voice is heard before they decide on their version of the budget. [Find your Senator’s phone number here.] The time to influence this process is extremely short but it’s not too late. The House’s version of the budget now goes to the Senate. But, your Senator needs to hear from you and many other direct constituents before June 6th in order to include your opinion in their important state funding decisions. Our legislature is committed to passing the PA budget on time (by June 30th). Both houses, need to pass a version of the budget and then come together to agree on spending in a conference committee. So, please, call now. A legislator wants to hear from their constituents about how the proposed budget will impact their district. They want to hear what issues their voters care most about. Together, if we exercise our power, it will make a difference. Sincerely,