RITTENHOUSE SQUARE Today: Or Holy Moly those Nails?, You Never Can Have enuf dog tattoos or glasses!

Rittenhouse Square about an hour ago. I could probably just go into Rittenhouse Square at any hour on any day and come out with a million or a half dozen stories via pictures and a few words. It’s Greenwich Village in the sixties.
Rittenhouse Square is always a beehive of activity. It’s my favorite place to go people watch. I love to read the benches, see my friends, reflect on the years I used to play kick ball in the park, or race motorized cars through the center with friends, it’s usually the first place I see lighting bugs, Christmas Lights, and it’s always a great place to photograph beautiful people and magical moments.
I loved how this women was put together, accessorized and especially was fascinated by
Holy Moly those nails? How long does it take to grow nails like this and what a great paint job.
You can never have enough doggie tattoos or glasses. I wonder if that dog was a pet that passed?
Actually that dog tattoo looks a lot like this dog?

blowing bubbles and singing and signing too.
Waves. I love his Sailfish shirt. He was explaining to her the layers of paint that go into each stroke that make up the motion of the wave.
I love her relaxation
She’s feeding him while he strums his guitar.
I love that her glasses match her shoes and match her shirt.
Returning to work after a quick lunch. Very stylish.
Another Dunkin Donuts on it’s way right across from SerafinaWhich is now slated to open 6/21 with a grand party on the Solstice

The young lady is doing jumping jacks while her mother works. **Since I received a comment about shooting candidly and someone who is going to tell their friend they are on here.