Hike for our Heroes: Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum Hikes Thru Philly & Makes Rocky A Caped Crusader

Some people and organizations really move me. People can be so creative and so generous. Re-affirms what my role is in getting the word out about so many great organizations that make a difference in people’s lives, especially the needy and under-served. When I heard about Wish Upon A Hero I had to get the word out about it, it’s incredible.
Wish Upon A Hero was first conceived by founder Dave Girgenti shortly after the September 11th attacks on New York City. From his home in NJ, Girgenti watched as thousands of people posted pictures of missing loved ones throughout the city. He thought there had to be a faster, more organized way to connect people in need. That was the moment in which the idea was born. Wish Upon A Hero is completely free to its users, allowing everyone who registers the opportunity to cast up to three wishes at a time. Because Wish Upon A Hero is designed to help everyone, wishes can be big or small, elaborate or simple, based on financial need or just asking for a simple favor. You can MAKE a wish, or you can GRANT a wish and be a HERO.
Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum, who is nearing the end of a 7,000-mile hike across America to raise funds and awareness for military families in need, walk through Philadelphia on Friday, June 10th. Yocum, who has raised more than $275,000 so far.

Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum, his wife Mareike and Emmie the super dog are hiking the 7,000 miles across America with him to help military families in need. They took their first steps of the 16-month cross-country quest on April 17, 2010. Backed by corporate sponsors, many volunteers and support members, Team Hike for our Heroes/Drum Hike are taking on the challenge of raising needed funds by hiking 7000 miles across America.
Earlier in the day Troy and his posse stopped at Modell Sporting Store on Chestnut Street and helped “Wish Upon A Hero” grant a wish Soldier Kermit Herbert and his wife Erin, Fort Dix NJ with a $5,000 down payment on a car for the family of eight.
Many supporters and fans of Troy’s mission came from the tri-state area to hike with him through Philadelphia. One lady came as far away as Maryland just to spend the day with him. Tomorrow in NJ, Troy will be walking up Rt 130 from The South. He should be in S.Brunswick by 12pm and North Brunswick by 1. He will end the Hike at North Brunswick Fire Company 1 at approximately 2pm…then the festivities start. Live Band, DJ, Beer Truck, All You Can Eat burgers and dogs. Raffles, Prizes, 50/50, Company 3’s Orange County Chopper Raffle, Silent Auction and Games for the kids.Rocky a symbolic hero to many around the world, but the true hero are the real ones who are drawing attention to a good cause at sometimes a great sacrifice
Dave Girgenti, founder of Wish Upon a Hero and Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum do the Rocky pose. A universal triumph for those who never give up.
Now off to NJ
Yocum served in Kuwait and Iraq until 2009. He embarked upon his journey last April from Louisville, KY and has traveled more than 6,300 miles across the country. Now in the final months of his journey, Yocum is traveling up the East Coast before he makes his return to Kentucky in September 2011. Wish Upon a Hero is providing Yocum with transportation, marketing and planning support. (Follow along on FB)

Thank you so much to my readers for allowing me to do what I love so much, bringing you these tales of Philadelphia especially all the wonderful people who are making a difference. Thanks for reading me this week, and especially to all my advertisers.

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