Sweet 16 Anniversary for the Career Wardrobe – Jennaphr Frederick, Sheinelle Jones and Sue Serio on the Catwalk with other Philly Famous

Last week I attended the Career Wardrobe’s annual event which was held again at the Hyatt at the Bellevue again this year. This year’s theme Sweet 16, as in 16 years since it was founded. I am always amazed at the various set-ups the 2nd floor ballroom transforms into. Monday night it was a gala reception for the Philadelphia Theater Company (Which by the way brings a Jerry Seinfeld’s directed play into town on June 28 – July 10 starring Colin Quinn. There will be Jerry Seinfeld sightings I’m sure. Knowing him though I bet he commutes everyday back to NYC.) Then Friday night the room was set up like a concert hall for the Frankie Valli concert, which I mentioned yesterday.
The Career Wardrobe event is a cocktail party and fashion show with the Philly Phamous doing the honors on the catwalk, along with the clients of the Career Wardrobe.
Plus they have this fabulous celebrity handbag auction. Through out the year they solicit autographs from celebrities on pieces of fabric, and then adhere the signature to the inside of the bag. They then auction the bags off at their annual event. You wouldn’t believe some of the generous bids they receive, $650 for a Debbie Reynolds, $400 for a signed bag by Dame Helen Mirren, and many other great prizes. I have to disclose I left midway into the auction to attend the Opa restaurant fashion show.
Colleen and Christine Doyle watch over the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten’s bag to secure the winning bid. But I later found out that that’s not always the case, sometimes if there is a lot of activity on a bag it is pulled for the live auction later in the night.
Co-founder Abby Siegal Greenberg, with mom Shelly Siegal and Sheri Cole, Executive Director, The Career Wardrobe

Opening remarks by fashion show emcee Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison.

NBC10’s Monique Braxton has walked in everyone of the Career Wardrobe’s fashion shows.

The women of Fox 29 – Good Day: Jennaphr Frederick, Sheinelle Jones and Sue Serio

Look at the screen above the runway you can see some of your favorite media personalities and how they looked when they were 16.

The ladies of the catwalk included: Monique Braxton and Jillian Mele from NBC10; Sue Serio, Sheinelle Jones, and Jennaphr Frederick from Fox 29; Mary Caraccioli and Alicia Vitarelli from 6ABC; Erika Von Tiehl from CBS3, and Marian Conicella, publisher of Philadelphia magazine. Surrounded by the lovelies is fashion show emcee Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison.
Here’s Marian Conicella on the runway. See those cans, those are for coin drops and were in all the gift bags. What a clever idea, the containers are wrapped in info about Career Wardrobe and encourages you to save your pennies and higher domination’s, in the containers to then return to the organization for a donation. Plus all the clothes the media personality wore on stage came from their personal closets and were later donated to the organization.
Celebrating 16 years of serving Philadelphia’s women in transition, The Career Wardrobe celebrates its tenth annual premier fund-raising event. Tonight was the presentation of the first annual “Fashioning Futures for Women Award.”
Presented to Chrissey Ladd, Assistant VP of Audubon Savings Bank, here with Sherrie Cole. Chrissey is a living example of overcoming diversity and creating a life of joy and opportunity. Read here story here.
The next big event for the Career Wardrobe: June 15 and every 3rd Wednesday of the month 5pm – 7pm The Wardrobe Boutique 1822 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia No appointment necessary during donation hours Curbside assistance available Tax forms