Chris Brown Drama at Whisper Sunday Night 6/19/11

Singer Chris Brown was in town to performed at the Susquehanna Bank on Father’s Day Sunday 6/19/11, and the After Party was held at Whisper (1712 Walnut Street) at 10PM. I heard he stayed at the Loews. He ate at Sole Food, and after his concert Sunday night munched in the lounge on burgers, fries and chicken wings about 11:30PM (While I cooled my heels at Whisper waiting for him. He and his posse hung out in the lobby Monday for a bit before heading back to NYC.) But on with Sunday night’s story…
Sam Trasatti and Drew Coblitz came by to hang with Chris Brown at the after party. Sam was on the cover of a Delaware Magazine after being voted Best Beach Body a few years ago. I bet now that she lives in Philly she could win that spot here too.
While waiting for Chris Brown a bunch of walking billboards showed up. Hmm hey guys wanna advertise on, write me buzz I’m sure I will be able to reach a lot more folks than the walking billboards at midnight on Walnut Street
The Chris Brown After Party was not a “Whisper” Party. Brown rented out the place and brought in his own gigantic body male and female door people. Everyone got searched. At one point I tweeted that the TSA would blush with the pat downs these folks got. I usually have a cigarette after being man handled like that.
Although some girls clothes left little to the imagination that a dangerous weapon could be hidden on the love machine.
After waiting 3 hrs for Chris Brown, he arrived. We were told he was going in the back door, yes there is a back door on Chancellor Street, usually reserved for throwing out the trash. It is also the shortest distance to the VIP cube that over looks the dance floor so I can understand why he would want to go in through there. We were then positioned on the opposite VIP cube to get shots of Brown partying.
Here comes the bottle service. Chris Brown’s posse told us not to shoot Brown at all and to exit the club at this point or they would break our cameras. One even threatened the TMZ videographer. (I refrained from spouting off to twitter my acerbic thoughts at that moment, although later the cool kids said they were waiting for it. I thought my blog would be a better venue.)
That wasn’t going to happen, I found a nice little spot across from where he was and shot a few for you guys. These aren’t very marketable, but I felt I needed something to show for my night as you can imagine my disappointment.
Here he gives a little love to his fans in the house, which were 75% women. Forgot to mention, when he arrived at his VIP cube, he had his people go through the crowd picking out the hottest booties to fill the space.
These girls work at Whisper and are preparing the bottle service
Promoter for the night was Caesar Carter, who tells me this is called raining the crowd. See the money that was thrown up. I love the new dance floor VIP lounge near the DJ booth. They have put in banquette seating; looks great and comfy.
Eventually security found me and I had to exit the club. I could have waited by the trash for Brown to exit, but knowing his past anger management issues, and the fact that his bodyguards were bigger than Godzilla, I decided to save myself a medical deductible and call it a night.