It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Filming in Philly June 2011

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia made it’s annual visit back to Philadelphia to film exteriors for the show, in Center City.
Thursday’s filming was on Jewelers Row between 7th & 8th Streets on Sansom Street
All the major players were on the scene including the great Danny DeVito
Most of the scenes took place in a jeep that Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) is driving, with his passengers being Deandra ‘Sweet Dee’ Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Frank Reynolds (Devito)
The foursome was supposed to be stuck in gridlock traffic, which is exactly what they caused in the surrounding streets which was perfect for the background shot.
There were a lot of fans there, and I was surprised at how lenient the crew was in allowing everyone to take photos and film clips.
At one point Glenn Howerton came over and posed with fans. (Sandee Clark who I went to high school with. She owns Proformance Hair Salon in West Berlin, NJ and was always the star of our class musicals.)There were a lot of fans, giggling and squealing in delight. There weren’t a lot of fans, just a lot that were giggling and squealing in delight.
Rob & Danny
Not Rob, Danny, Glenn or Charlie Day, but their stand ins.
The real Charlie Day who plays Charlie Kelly
Filming went on for the better part of the day and I had to head out to prepare for an event photography gig for the Variety Club Gala, which I will write about next week including a whole slew of events that I am behind on but I will get to them in the next two weeks, sorry about that just slammed busy, and THANK YOU FOR THAT and for reading me each day or every other day;)
Did I mention Rob McElhenney’s weight gain for the final shows of the season. Seems he wanted to shake it up a bit with a little humor. Usually Rob has a chiseled body, but this year he splurged on the donuts and fried food to pack on 50lbs adding another dimension to his character, literally.
Last year you’ll recall his wife, Kaitlin Olsen did gain a lot of weight during her pregnancy (which was worked into the show for her character, Dee Reynolds). You would have thought he would have gained the weight then as a sympathy pregnancy. Maybe that’s the story line.
Did I mention the heat. I shot this photo of Kaitlin Olsen with her hand held personal fan. I love it. The only thing better would have been to have Rob and her in the same shot. He with his new belly, she with her hot new post-baby body. – Later in the day they shot a scene at Franklin Square. Filming locations for next week are at the bottom of the next section
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Today they’ll be on 23rd to 25th Street between Spruce and Locust near the Schuylkill River, then late in the afternoon at Fitler Square. On Monday they will be filming on 10 Street between Pine and Spruce. Tuesday they will be filming in Ocean City