New York City Gay Pride Parade – Pictures

Yesterday Mike and I went to the NYC Gay Pride Parade. We try and make it up there every year but it doesn’t always happen. This year it was important for us to make it as the State of New York just passed the right for same sex couples to marry. Mike and I have been together almost 17 years so that’s a very important issue to us especially regarding taxes, inheritance, life issues and the other 186 benefits that go along with being married.

Gov Guomo (third from right), Councilwomen, Openly gay NYC Councilwomen Christine Quinn, then two people over from her Mayor Bloomberg.
Dykes on Bikes kick off the 5 hour long parade every year at Noon

Familiar faces in the crowd: Our friends Katie and Simon. (When I travel to NYC to shoot fashion week, movie premieres, celebs, I stay at their house.)

Our favorite sex/relationship columnist Dan Savage

Is someone missing a stuffed animal?
The members and supporters of the GLBT NYC Police Force and Fire Department

Harvey Milk High School representing the youth
Sage organization representing the elderly
Team New York Aquatics is a Masters-level swim/water polo/diving team
Times Square Cow Girl

Our friend Tim went to NYC with us. He liked this best.

Check out the person on the left. Great outfit

Some people just shouldn’t

Mike’s exhausted and after a delicious meal at Dallas BBQ we headed home.