The Heart of Fashion Runway Show on Chestnut Street

On one very hot Saturday a fashion show took place on chestnut Street with the following designers:

1. Glynn Jackson Couture (Glynn was also the host of the fashion show and he was hysterical/)
2. Landa Styles
3. Him Defined
4. Iconz Kids
5. Faithful, Michael Thomas
6. Camelita Couture
7. Roger Michael
8. Trisaso Jewelry
9. Duroseao

The Art Institute and Iconz Talent Agency present to you it’s first

annual fashion show, The Heart of Fashion.

Tristan, Urban Romance, Kharisma McIlwaine, CBS 3/The CW Philly 57, Aja Chavis, Wildfire Publicist (Happy recent birthday!!) and Joell Amber,

Some of the proceeds of show will be rolled into a scholarship that will assist 2 aspiring design students to continue their education. “Our goal is to serve as a platform for the up and coming designers in the Philadelphia market for not just this year but years to come,” says Kevin Stone, student of The Art Institute.

Dean Ashley, Student Relations Director of the Art Institute of Philadelphia adds “We are really excited at the opportunity to showcase our students and with this fashion show, we will be able to help others learn the principles and theories beyond their designs and that… is The Heart of Fashion.”

Waheedah WHY PR and Odessa

One of my favorite designers of late is Camelita Couture. She never disappoints with

color, style and cut. She’s adorable too.