Housekeeping – Notes from PhillyStyleMag party, Sundaes at Table 31, Bono Signs for Fans

I need to clarify something I wrote on Friday. It wasn’t my Cashman assistants fault I didn’t get the names/notebook from her. After a few of my friends asked me why I wrote that I realize it sounded terrible. I could have waited til Monday to do the entry, but since I was on my white party high and it was such a high profile event, I felt it necessary to get the shots and story out. Here at PhillyChitChat I like to chat about the behind the scenes and motivations of creating a blog entry. She takes the notebook, types up the names and then provides them to me. I instead just wanted to get the entry on the books first thing Friday morning. Just because I was working all night, there was no need for her to do it. I didn’t tell anyone, I just thought I would know the majority of the names, which I did. They didn’t say anything either way, but I just wanted to apologize for that mis step. How the event came together etc. The assistant takes the notes and then the powers to be have an idea who was there so then they push certain photos out to certain media outlets, plus the team can hit the ground running the next day with the distribution of the photos to various outlets. The first thing I did when I got home at 2AM, was pull a dozen shots that I thought were perfect for the press ie gossip columns, newspapers and blogs. If I hadn’t have done this entry so quickly I might have caught a few more stories and pictures of interest. But I did. Here’s a few that I overlooked that have been weighing heavy on my mind, cause I’m just that kinda peep.
I forgot to mention that one of my favorite bands, and my advertiser CTO Entertainment performed at the event. They had a band in the front where folks were getting their groove on, and they had a DJ in the Delilah’s Dance Den, where everyone was dancing nice and easy. (If you’re an advertiser I always give you a live link to your site.) Also I forgot to mention that the room was set up differently this year with the dance floor and stage set off to the side, on the right. It was a genius idea and every event needs to do it this way. No more walking across the dance floor to get to the other side of the room.
I was so darn busy I didn’t seen Nicole Cashman, beau DJ 611 clothing designer Nigel Richards and Lauren O’Dorisio til the very end of the night. Don’t they look spiffy.
Sundae On The Plaza: Pack your bags & grab your friends family and co workers. Sundae is moving to Table 31!

I discovered that my advertisements don’t show up on phones, yes really I just discovered this. Every once and a while I will be slipping in an advertisement that will be “sponsoring” an entry, cause these are the folks that allow me to do what I love to do and bring the events and people to you. I won’t be obnoxious about it with a pop up at or anything, or irritating like an ad before a video. Those drive me crazy. Thanks to Table 31 for being an advertiser. Check out their new menu which includes sushi now.

Video of Bono with fans at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. I had no idea that sometimes celebrities would stop at the gate of the venue to sign for fans. So if you really want to see someone ie Taylor Swift up next etc, give it a try. It won’t happen all the time, but I have seen Bono sign for peeps often in NYC.

Thursday Opa is have a 4th Anniversary party for The place holds about 80 – 100 people but they are hoping everyone staggers themselves so I am putting this out to the masses. The open bar is 9 – 10PM, but there are drink specials all night long. I’d love to see you. Also just a reminder in September I will be having two charity events again for my sister Judy. One in NJ (Flemings Steakhouse) and one in Philly (Undetermined at the moment). No details yet, but I’d better get working on it right. email “Garden Wellington-Logan” <>, to get on the list.