Delilah’s 9th Annual Diamond G-String Award Was more Like Disney On Ice this Year

Last Night I went to Delilah’s 9th Annual Diamond G-String Award. Delilah’s would be the first to tell you they are a gentleman’s club with standards. There’s an air of old time cinematic Las Vegas excitement in the air when you walk through the big black doors into the lobby. The crowd is a little more dapper than say the Gold Club or Cheerleaders. I didn’t have to mark this year’s entry as NSFW cause like Madonna at Live Aid in 1985, they weren’t taking much off tonight, it was about the talent.
Hosted by owners Jenn Shamy-Exley, Bryan Exley, Brian Taylor and Christie (Thanks for allowing me to shoot the event.)The “celebrity” judges were not revealed until the night of the event and consisted of many of Philly’s out and about PR peeps (who have all been making upwardly moves this year) and some of the front end managers of Philly’s finest happening spots. Above Aly Green, Silencia PR. Aly’s been flying cross country these past few weeks arranging hot happening sports dinners for clients this past year as well as growing her business. Drew “the Mayor” Carbello, is one of two mangers at Del Frisco’s making sure that all your needs are being met. It’s great to see his talent get recognize.
Tom Conte, (Judge) Dana Spain and John Kelly. The Delilah’s event brings out a lot of Philadelphia sophisticates who enjoy a little something on the wild side. It’s all done in fun and style. Men usually are the majority on most nights, but on these entertainment nights women are right up there, coming with friends, partners, husbands who are all there to be entertained for the evening.
Dana owes her sexy physique to this guy who works her hard in the gym
Out of nowhere and now everywhere Jimmy Contreras, PhillyStreetStyle, Drew, and guests
Will Welch and arm candy Lindsay Furman (Judge). Lindsay just signed with two modeling agencies and is back where she belongs in front of the camera and looking good.
Ashley, Eric Conte and Carol Drumsta, Brown & Forman
Choking the snake. Jimmy (Judge)
Brothers from another mother Bryan Exley and Drew Carballo
Chris DiGeorge and Ali Warren with a few friends.
Comedian and host of tonight’s event Bret Ernst with Delilah’s GM Alp Aktan
Gary Thorpe, G Lounge with Lane Kelly from Smith & Wollensky
Evan, Gianni, Marc and friend enjoyed the amazing athletic ability demostrated by all the athletes.
Bret Ernst was pretty hysterical.
The pre-opening act. Tonight was pretty tame compared to some of the nights I’ve been there, and by tame I mean entertaining almost in a Disneyfied Las Vegas way but not in a showgirl way as not a stitch of clothing came off just sheer hula hoop talent. Foreplay if you will.
Tre Rios, Voyeur, Waylon Nelson, G Lounge and Drew at the edge of the runway ready to judge.
The Card Girls in their Diane Furs bikini’s. It might have been hot outside, but it was even hotter inside. The winner of tonight’s event goes home with $10,000 and a new fur coat.
Football is on everyone’s mind lately
but the girls wanted to give the audience a little distraction while the details are being ironed out to settle the lock out.
Don’t try this at home: Earlier in rehearsals one poor lady got her thumb nearly severed when the digit got caught on a prop. I hear she is doing much better. I always want to hit the gym the next day after going to Delilah’s.
Next up it was urban cowboy chic.
The place was packed, and the audience was hooting and hollering as they enjoyed themselves. Spotted: Jason Thompson (Forward/Center for the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise) who’s in town for the Charlie Mac Charity weekend, plus “In Living Colors” Tommy Davidson, who declined a photo, but didn’t decline a lap dance from a bevy of babes. After their game there were also a few Union players as well as a few Eagles players, names withheld at their request.Lauren Beloff, GM Rogues Gallery near 21st & Market StreetsAngela, need I say more. I’m sweet for her.
Group #4 did the very Disneyfied Arabian Nights. It was very popular with the audience. Other judges: Shy Peled Blue Martini; Carmen DeMarco Cuba Libre; Marshall Young, Mad River.
This is one time you don’t mind a little meat around your belly so the sword doesn’t slip and give you a trim.
The men were on their feet with delight with this spectacular spectacular
The finale
I’m a bad judge of entertainment. I have never picked the winner correctly. I thought the first group would win as they did a lot of pole and acrobatic work, or maybe the 2nd group as they did a lot of choreography. The third group was a whole lotta different themes, without real continuity. But in the end
the winner was the Arabian nights. Congratulations!! I’m looking forward to the Entertainment of the Year Awards where the staging is more spectacular that Spiderman on Broadway, and reminds me of the good ole’ Gypsy Rose Lee movie.