PhillyChitChat 4th Anniversary Party Pixs at Opa Restaurant

Thanks to Opa restaurant at 1311 Sansom St, Phila. for throwing a 4th Anniversary Party. It was a hot time and I am grateful for all the peeps that came out in the suffering 100F weather to celebrate with us. Earlier in the day I had sent out a note to a bunch of people telling them I would understand if they couldn’t make it, and even Mike backed out. Thanks to Midtown Springboard Media president Everett Katzen for the computer set-ups that showcased the pictures that I took in the last 4 years. And to my friends brother-sister team George and Vasiliki Tsiouris who own Opa restaurant.
I can’t thank all my friends and supporters who showed up, did I mention in the 100F weather. Really have we ever had such an oppressive winter. (Update: I usually keep it a secret that I am dyslexic, but just now I see I wrote winter instead of summer. It’s so irritating to be dyslexic. I often forget the last letter on words too. Writing a blog has been very helpful to me. Although I am also orally dyslexic and have been know to say the opposite of what I mean. Mike doesn’t cross the street unless he actually see that the light is green. In our early years together I almost got us killed a couple times thinking the light was green. That’s my 4 yr anniversary confession.) But the parties and life go on, and that’s my bread and butter for Here’s two stylish peeps: Elaine Graber and Julianne Glatz. Julianne as I mentioned last Friday, was in town from Chicago, for the Philly Style Magazine party.

Ellen Rohlfing and Dave Maser
Thanks to Springboard for setting up these monitors to show some of the photos I’ve taken over the past 4 years.

Magee Rehab’s Meg Rider, G-Philly’s Natalie Hope McDonald and Jimmy Contreras, PhillyStreetStyleSara K, Ashley Brielle and Nnamdi
Karen Gross, who is now behind the scenes with the Constitution Center and friends stop by.Thanks to Opa, George Tsiouris and Vasiliki Tsiouris, Garden Wellington, and Noel Zayas, from Noel Zayas events for throwing me this party. And to all my readers for an amazing 4 years. Thanks so much for supporting my advertisers, if I didn’t have them I’d have to get a real job and hang up my key board. Follow me on twitter @iphillychitchat as I usually give out info & sightings there hourly, that doesn’t make it here. Back to the party.
Greta Baith, guest and Autumn Ashby
Thanks to photographer Patrick Hagerty and DJ Rahasaan for spinning. To see Patrick’s pixs go here. It was hard to give up the power of shooting pictures even at my own party. It’s just not in my nature. Thanks to Sandy Smith and the others who I may have missed cause I’m a dizzy blogger.
George Tsiouris, Vasiliki Tsiouris and Maria Papadakis
Kristyn Aldrich and Lauren Smith looking fabulous!!
Honeymoon glow Dan Reinherz and Hasdas Kuznits with best bud Marlo Polonsky
If you had told me that two of the guys from ABC’s Bacherlor show, that women fantasize all over the world, would come to a party held in my honor, 4 years ago, I would have called you crazy. But it was reality when Craig Robinson and Reid Rosenthal both came out on Thursday night. Thanks guys.
Sleek, sexy, stylish Lianna Shabin, Jaimie Donahue and Danielle Shwendman
Fran Fattah, Noel Zayas, Noel Zayas Event and Megan Smith, Brownstone PR
Craig Robinson, Monica Glass, Pastry Chef from 10Arts, guest and Ilana Waber, Gloss PR
Kei Kurimoto, Yakitori Boy (There’s a great article in Phila Weekly about Brittany Lynn’s weekly drag show.) Eden Blair and Matthew Vlahos, Vlahos PR
Thanks to the Cool Kids, especially because they were having a party that evening at Recess for their friend’s bday. Reggie Berry, and Jackiem Wright with Lauren Smith, Kristyn Aldrich

Thanks to the Where Magazine team for coming out and their continuing support (I promise to stop in soon), including the years that Laura Burkhardt was at the helm. Bret Copol, Kristina Jenkins, and Kari Oriolo, with Ilana Waber, Monica Glass, George and Demetri Pappas, Xochitl
Michael Biwa, George and Shelton Mercer. My tweet from Saturday night made it into the new revamped Phila Daily News today: which I then saw on Fox 29 only because they were commenting about Dan Gross’ column.

WMMR’s Marisa Magnatta, and Marissa Nalani. And yesterday’s mysterious question can now be revealed it was Marisa. Question here.