ABOUT LAST NIGHT – Davio’s Cheesecake Wars & a Few Cheeky Gals & What did they Eat?

I decided to start yet another segment of PhillyChitChat called About Last Night. As you know I like to troll the bars and restaurants to see who what and where everyone is. I can go out and in a couple hours I have interesting pixs and stories of what happened the night before. Occasionally I might write about what happened during the day too, like today’s entry…
Yesterday I met Marilyn D’Angelo for lunch at Davio’s. Marilyn recently left Philly2Night where she did editorial work, and is now on her own as a freelance writer as well as writer & editor for her own blog called Know it All Philly which is a cross between uwishunu and original opinions on subjects. (She’s also available to write for your publication.) Above with Executive Chef David Boyle who made us a delicious lunch including the best gazpacho soup with mozzarella & curry, crab salad and Panco encrusted fluke, which I tweeted was the best dish I’ve had. From Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 to Thursday, July 28th, 2011, guests that order the ‘Cheesecake War Dessert’ will be served 1/2 portions of both the Philly-favorite and ‘CESCA’s (The Northern Italian Steakhouse is known for their highly acclaimed “Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Blueberry Compote,” created by Pastry Chef Thomas Heck.) acclaimed New York dessert on a plate along with a comment cards. With the honor system at work, each restaurant will tally their numbers and announce the winner live on each other’s Twitter and Facebook pages along with a photograph of the losing restaurants general manager wearing the other cities baseball jersey and eating a little humble pie.
Ruby Tuesday’s with Mike’s family. His mom, uncle in law Barry, Aunt Harriet and Mike. Have you tried their white bean chili, delicious.
I have a flag fetish and Freeman’s auction house has a great one in the window.
Then I took a stroll along Rittenhouse Row Restaurants. If you call out my name and I’ll take your pix and put it here. Unfortunately I didn’t have a notebook for names. I do recognize the girl on the right but can’t recall her name. The girls had mussels and they looked delicious.
I was on my way to check out my friend Anne Nikolaus’ Stella & Dot jewelery show.
Tina Lamsback, Anne Nikolaus and hostess of the party Becca Greller. I’m trying to convince Anne that we should take our Philly biz licenses, find a corner and set up shop on the weekend. I have some photo note cards I want to sell. Would that be tacky? What’s on the Menu? Delicious Rice Krispy Treats – Gluten Free, great tortilla chips & fruit. Afterwards though a few of them headed for Lil’ Pete’s cause they love the club sandwich.
Then I headed to Serafina to see who’s who was there. Passing which has a few diners inside, and a packed sidewalk made for another great place to sit back and people watch. Serafina also had a healthy outside presence at 9PM, and it was even more packed inside.
I checked in with Serafina Restaurant executive Chef Carlos Jeronimo who was checking the dishes before they left the kitchen. He tells me everything is going well and is glad the guests are enjoying Serafina as it’s busy from the time the doors open til they close.
I saw a few familar faces in the main dining room including Erin Elmore, Steve Rockman and Lesley Kozloff Goldstein. Erin just returned from Croatia and told me it is the most beautiful country, with gorgeous beaches. (What did they eat? Drinks at the bar.)I found this pix on her FB from the trip and well there were a lot of beautiful things in Croatia last week.
Finally I had a nite cap, Dinner for them was a tasting of the menu, then coffee for a nite cap, with Laura Burkhardt, Kelly Boyd and food writer Beth D’Addono. Also spotted was former congressman Patrick Murphy, a bevy of Cashman & Assoc alumni Ellie, Holly, Christa & current Ashley. and G Lounge hostess Samantha Marzullo.