American Gigolo Lives in Sherman the Studly Dog

Last Week at Trust there was a party for a single and ready to mingle guy named Sherman and it was packed.

Debonair, Sherman is a frequent at Rittenhouse Square hobnobbing with all the pretty ladies and relaxing at his favorite watering holes like Rouge and Parc. Life wasn’t always so grand for Sherman as you see he’s

a rescue dog, having been abandoned by his first family, Sherman was later adopted and raised in a loving home with parents that waned him. No longer are his dog days filled with despair, he wants to give back to the community at large. These days Sherman is a spokesdog for spay/neuter and adoption and with sound relationship advice for man and beast to live by.

Traveling in style Sherman arrives at his party, which was held in the famed Real World House now called Trust at 3rd and Arch Streets

I’m too sexy for this collar, Sherman makes his way down the red carpetto the delight of Sheila Willard (Sherman’s Aunt), Loretta Santisni, and Julie Gallagher, mbox communications, llc. Another debonair gentleman is in the room, Steve Rockman with friend Table 31’s Tamar Olitsky

Joe Kitchen and photographer Felicia Penetti

Eric Cahill and Dana Spain. Captain Cahill is shipping off overseas to defend our country soon. I’ll miss him, he’s a great guy. Thank you sir!!

Sherman’s human parents: Rich and Susan Lambour


Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered.

Animal overpopulation is a problem facing cities all over the world. Besides preventing unwanted litters, having your pet spayed or neutered can be beneficial to their health! Identification Tags Save Lives.

Make sure to have a collar and tag on your pet at all times, even if it is an indoor pet. Many lost animals find their way home because of ID tags. Also, consider a microchip, which is embedded under the skin and helps reconnect pets with families.

Helene Eksterowicz and Danny Benenfeld

Sherman has fun bling for you to buy, including T-Shirts “I’d Rather Be Humping” and “Get Fixed”

Christie Honigman, Caitlin Fasano and CJ Honigman

Joyce Leslie owner Hermine Gewirtz , David Lawson and Sue Myers. Mrs Gewirtz tells me that Joyce Leslie is her daughters name.

Tom Rossomando of The People-Pet Partnership and Paul Pilladi Writer/Director enjoyed the festivities. Jayne Peyton, Pet Pages, Mark Beyerle, Janice Tangradi, and Peter Madden

Sherman is currently looking for dogs and cats to build his entourage. There will be an online module created for owners to submit pictures and bios and users can vote animals into the posse. check out Sherman here on his Throne The sale of the first 100 books go directly to PAWS. 10% thereafter. We are partnering to cross promote Sherman and the PAWS mission. PAWS Board Members:

Michele DiVeterano, Salvatore Patti, Dana Spain and Jeffrey Ruge