Photos & Gossip From the Hamels Foundations Diamonds & Denim 2011 Gala benefitting The Hamels Foundation

Cole and Heidi Hamel’s on the red carpet at their annual fund-raising event Diamonds and Denim that funds The Hamels Foundation. The foundation gives thousands of dollars to schools in Philadelphia and children in Africa. The 3rd annual event was held at the Crystal Tea Room in the shadow of City Hall and was attended by over 850 people.

This year the event was organized in house by their Director of Operations, G-N Kang, and an army of volunteers who did everything from control the press, check in guests, crowd control and everything in between.Press, the press came out in droves to cover the event, as well as VIP guests, celebrities as well as Cole’s teammates. What do you wear to the Diamond and Denim Gala, well jeans and diamonds; the event is a dress down, jeans and laid back event like the Hamel’s seem to be. (pix from Fox 29)

Heidi Hamel greets Jimmy and Johari Rollins to the event. Note it’s a gala and these folks are serious with the theme Diamonds and Denim. Tonight the Hamel’s guests were decked out in Tiffany’s jewels.

The Hamel’s Foundation has given over $400,0000 to local schools including $200,000 given to 17 Philadelphia public schools through their charity foundation this year. Many of the ladies who walked the red carpet had their make-up and hair done by Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon in Glen Mills, Pa

Tricked out with a jeweled Phillies shirt, Fox 29’s Jennaphr Frederick interviews Heidi on the red carpet. Heidi says the Hamel’s Foundation is about giving kids hope, hope for a good education and hope for the future.

In the future these two will be man and wife, Krystal Campbell and Ryan Howard. Later in the evening Krystal would win a pair of jeans from Wayne Shulick & Brett Perloff’s Denim Habit. Under 2 chairs at each table there was a coupon for a free pair of jeans. There were surprises like this through out the night.Last week Janet and Vince Papale appeared at the PHS Pop-up Garden at 20th and Market to do an informal signing of their new book “Be Invincible in Changing Times: A Playbook for Winning No Matter What Life Throws at You”. Janet tells me that after Labor Day they will be doing a full on press tour and sighing.

6ABC’s Bachelor Reunion: Alli Travis, Jackie Gordon, Jesse Csincsak, Ann Lueders, Gia Allemand, Tyler Vermette, Chris Lambton, Craig Robinson, and Gwen Goia

The other first couple of baseball: Jen Utley glowing as she looks over at husband Chase Utley. I love this photo. This is the first time I’ve seen them since I pondered on twitter 11 weeks ago while editing my photos that I thought Jen was glowing and pregnant at the unveiling of their

Tammy Jean sporting her painted on Kerry Ann Smith, About Face II jeans.Then it was up to the cocktail party for me with some of the nearly 850 guests. I’ve never seen the place so packed. Next year it’s probably going to be held at CBP. (1st year it was held at The Please Touch Museum, 2nd year at Union Trust)

Playmate Erica Smitheman and Fox 29’s John Bolaris

The Three Nerds tell me that they’ve adopted Zach Seidman to become The Four Nerds (although there are only 3 nerds in this photo).

Nicole Cashman, Nigel Richards, Chuck Peruto, Nadia and Jimmy Maransky, Jane and Chris Cabott. Chris’ client and studio wizard Ken Lewis and hip hop mega-producer played drums on Jay-Z and Kanya West’s “Watch the Throne” CD. (Hmm my new pocket camera didn’t do such a great job on this shot. I should read the instructions.) This is Nadia’s first public appearance since the birth of her baby a few weeks ago. She looks fabulous.

The silent auction was off the hook – 14k gold baseballs signed by your favorite Phillies. I brought a couple G’s with me but the generous folks bid way above my bank. But I was happy for the foundation which earned nearly $500,000 for the entire night.The room was set up similar to the way Philly Style Mag set up a few weeks ago, with the stage on the right side of the room. I think this should be standard for Crystal Tea Room because it gives it that much more space, especially for this party with 850 people. I don’t recall another sit down dinner with that many people. Most everything went very smoothly, as there was more than enough extra hands on deck to direct people and assist them. What was sad was when Heidi and Cole spoke the room never quieted enough for folks to hear the message. Primarily it was to thank them for their support, and the message of hope for the children the funds would go to.

The live auction was on fire with auctioneer Michael Barkann,

host, Comcast SportsNet with a pennant signed by the 2010 Phillies. Bam Margera’s squeeze Tammy Palumbo was in a major bidding war to win this item, but in the end it went to someone who bit $3,500. Heidi and Cole did not take a passive role at the event, they got right in there assisting at the auction, visiting their guests and posing for photos. And Heidi did it all in heels and 7 months pregnant.

I really wanted this awesome item: 5 balls signed by the Five Starter Pitchers. I was out bid by $7,100

Susie Celek, Mike Toub and Julie Dorenbos.

All the Phillies were friendly, posed for the fans. Above the line for Chase Utley formed to the right, as Jen in the back waited patiently. (For the last time people the Utley’s do not live in Haddonfield, N.J. Please leave that family alone.)

HughE and Celebrity Apprentice Erin Elmore. Thanks to Daniel Burke for taking my photo. I don’t think I’ve ever been in any of the magazine photos under party pictures. My head is kinda pointy. Yeah I’m gonna drop this in right here cause Sept 1 is coming up and I really have to start getting the word out about my advertising packages. Every month I say I’m gonna hit the bricks, and well the time is now. Email me for info One of the benefits of advertising with PhillyChitChat, if I see you out you get a live link. Plus your business will be seen by over 100,000 people a month. My stat counter is at the top of the page and keeps track of the last 30 days of readers.

Martina McBride was very entertaining with her country classics. Some folks danced in place, many sang along. After wards their was a meet and greet, and when she headed to her limo, she signed for a few fans outside.

Taken with my new camera/video. I think it came out pretty good cause I was a good 100 feet away. It’s a Canon.

Reid Rosenthal (Bachelor show) and Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton. Susan Sorrell Makeup lounge was in the mezzanine of the Wanamaker Building, the ladies could come down and freshen up, or as the case seemed to be on their way to the after party at Zee Bar. (This was taken with my SLR Nikon)Sabrina Tamburino and Maria Papadakis. A few people wore their own diamonds like Maria sporting a beautiful diamond necklace on loan from her mom, or Sabrina sporting ALink and a bracelet from Bernie Robbins. (This was my Canon)

Ron Zausidsky and Marisa Magnatta. Marisa is sporting I Hate Steven Singer diamond earrings and necklace. Here’s a shot of us at the store trying them on. A few years back Marisa borrowed a diamond watch from Steven Singer, and OMG lost it in transition. She was in a dog cage, literally, cause that’s what he made her do sit in a dog cage for the entire 4 hours that WMMR’s Preston and Steve was on the air. (Canon)

Tamar Olitsky and daughter Shaina Olitsky sporting Jeff Kellmer jewelry. Have you been to the new restaurant Scarduzio inside the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, which the Olitsky’s are partners with Scarduzio.

As I wrote in June the Phillies are going to need a nursery. Above Stephenie and Kyle Kenrick enjoy gifts from the Hamel’s Foundation, which were also given to the Ryan Madsons, and the Chase Utley’s.

Karin Annerhed and Vince Harris just got back from their wedding and honeymoon in Greece. Sigma Sound’s Michelle Miller attended and said the wedding was beautiful, as well as the setting. Karin tells me she is working on the 3rd Annual Syle Wars happening on Oct 2, 2011

The party was beautiful, the centerpieces were lovely, and these were some of the gifts for the VIPs. Check out my other coverage of the night on Fox 29 (Did you know Cliff Lee & Hunter Pence are going to be the Oscar & Feliz of the Phillies?) and on Philly Mag.

This blog entry is sponsored by the restaurant Table 31. (Thanks for advertising with me.) A whole bunch of Bachelor folk enjoyed cocktails & snacks at Table 31 the night before the Hamels event. The boys went on to party at Rouge and Franklin Mortgage, while the girls returned to their rooms at the Omni Hotel over looking Independence Park.