The 2011 Philadelphia Geek Awards – What You Missed…

As a storm was brewing outside the Academy of Natural Sciences, a party was heating up inside celebrating Philadelphia Geeks at the First Annual Philadelphia Geek Awards.

What is a Geek I wondered, so I headed to and ginasimpson answered: A geek is just another name for a nerd or a dork. It’s someone you might have teased in high school, but ultimately they ended up making the most money and bought stock in Microsoft years ago.

I discovered on Friday night that Geeks are curious, intuitive, quirky, fun, a close knit clan of friends who are more than willing to share ideas with the world through blogs, podcasts, websites, forums and twitter.

Since the essence of geekiness has been around for centuries what better place to hold the 1st Annual Philadelphia Geek Awards then at The Academy of Natural Sciences on the Parkway. Above presenter Sarah Baicker (#SPORTS!: Outstanding Achievement in Ludicrous Displays Last Night – Nominees: Bring Your A’s Game, Pennant, PhillieBot: Winner PhillieBot [next year Philliebot promises to get it over home plate, or at least to the plate.) and Kierstan Williams decked out for a good time.

Geeks were cool before Lady Gaga confirmed it: Jason Poole, Paul Colloman (Nominees: Mega Bad Movie Night (Academy of Natural Sciences),) and Jennifer Hall (

Vinny Parrella, Allison Berger, Carly Latiss, and Lara Williamson. Geeks can wear sneakers and still look fly at a Black Tie.

They’d get the award for the cutest Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia couple. Mikey Il and Allie Harcharek

Michael Wilkins and presenter Anna Goldfarb of Shmitten Kitten, (No heads were bitten off after this picture was taken)

Steve Rivera and Jay Verdibello (Jay I think I have an idea about that 2nd job.)

Emily Ibarra and Lindsay Lewis

Stepping out: Christine Yoo and Oscar Phillips

Why didn’t I grab a camera bag full?

Padraic Maroney, Megan Smith, Brownstone PR (Megan is an MS Ambassador and tells me that on Tuesday Opa restaurant (1311 Samson) will be donating 10% of the proceeds of your check to her effort in raising $3,000 for MS) with Mr Philadelphia Al Lee, Indep Visitor Center Social Media guru.

Designer Aleksandra Svetlichnaya and Marshall Fleming.On with the show…

Welcoming, Introductory Remarks Geekadelphia Co-Founders Eric Smith & Tim Quirino

Geeks are not afraid of being fashion forward

or to show pictures of their pets in lieu of thank you’s: Annie Heckenberger of Outstanding Achievement in Geek / Techie Local PR & Social Media. (Annie Heckenberger and Matt Vlahos taught me everything I every needed to know on Twitter.)

Christopher Wink of Technically Philly presented the Outstanding Achievement in Geek Culture Journalism to Conrad Benner of Streets Dept (A photo blogger who captures the art of the City with a gentle soul.)

Collin Flatt – The Feast presents Best Geek Themed Noms & Beverages to Tom Kehoe, Yards Brewery & their concoction E=Mc Beered

Intermission: I predict that 2011 will finish out as the year of the Geeks, and push the foodie bloggers to the back of the burner.Doug Keith and Meghan Ross

Philly Geek Awards Prom King & Queen: Melissa Morris Ivone and Robert Ivone. Good Choice. Ya gotta go check out her FB page, she’s Molly Ringwold for the twenty second century.

Jo Anna of Geekadelphia after presenting Outstanding Achievement in Local Comic Art Award to Tony Trov & Johnny Zito

Matthew Vlahos, Vlahos PR photographs Outstanding Achievement in Appealing to Geeks in Arts & Culture winner Gerri Trooskin and Josette Hamerstone for Philadelphia Science Festival. Matt did an outstanding job in promoting the event.

Winner in oustanding Contribution to the Philly Indie Game Scene! Pulse (Cipher Prime), Kerry Gilbert and Dain Saint look on as co-winner, founder, worker William Stallwood does a Palance on the stage.

Oh then it was my turn to present an award: It’s hard to believe that I am now on TV, but still get stage fright when talking to large groups of people, but I am. I’ll tell you a secret, Fox 29 approached me a long time ago to appear on Good Day and I turned it down because of this situation, but I was more scared to present this award so within a week after Eric called me to present this award I took the job (mid-July). I thought it would be good practice. Let’s just say I’m better on TV; AND what I really wanted to say to all the nominees is: I shoot events 3 -4 times a week. I know how much work goes into these events, and you really all should be very proud of yourselves.

Best New Annual Local Event

Nominees: Mega Bad Movie Night (Academy of Natural Sciences), Philadelphia Tech Week (Technically Media), Philadelphia Science Festival (Various Institutions), Philadelphia Type-In

(Mike McGettigan), TEDxPhilly

Presented by HughE Dillon of Philly Chit Chat

Winner: Philly Tech Week

Song: Paparazzi (Lady Gaga)

Best New Blog: Drink Philly, with an honorable mention going to Naked Philly. Speaking is the fox that runs Naked Philly. It’s apropo that these two are side by side on the stage under this award because after Naked Philly spills your secret on his blog, which is mostly about real estate and dirty little secrets behind the transactions, you’re gonna need a drink.

Mr. Fox thanks a few people.

Thank you to the sponsors of the Geekadelphia Awards

Actually my BF is a geek and he makes my life so much easier to be PhillyChitChat. PLUS we have a cool networking system in our house, and every gadget known to man.

MC: Doogie Horner – Hysterical

For a full list of Winners Check Geekadelphia