Tuesday in Collingswood, NJ, a whole bunch of people woke early to get pick up a few doughnuts to bring as the first Krispy Kreme doughnut shop opened in New Jersey.

At the old KFC location at Cuthbert Blvd and Haddon Ave.

A few people arrived Sunday night for the Tuesday opening. Krispy Kreme had one of those great contests again where the first arrival received a dozen doughnuts every week for a year, then 2 – 10 received a dozen doughnuts every month for a year, 11 – 20 free coffee, and 11 – 100 received a free t-shirts. Folks actually slept out over night to get the highly collectible shirt.

The Collingswood Krispy Kreme has a drive through and Pastor Mark Finn, United Church of Chrsit, arrived Monday morning at 9:15AM to be first in line. He plans to use some of his doughnuts to feed his flock, as well as share it with the homeless.

Many people from surrounding towns waited in line, and became friends for the future. I love how every got into the spirit and wore the hats. When I arrived many people were playing Frisbee, or having a football catch in the parking lot. I know you want to know, the bathroom could be found across the street at the gas station.

Sagar Desai, Michael Berlco, Chandri Descia, Elisa Daga, Ben Tice, Dave and Steve Bell and Adam Rosy, hung out together even though only Michael was going to get the doughnuts as his car was 6th in line.The first person in line, Gary Romblad, Haddon Township, NJ, arrived Sunday night at 9PM with his step-son, Greg Myers, to receive a dozen doughnuts for a year. He plans to share them with friends and family, as well as donate some to the homeless. The Krispy Kreme store is owned by Philadelphia cousin and business partners, Keith Morgan and Brian Zaslow, who also own the Krispy Kreme doughnut store in Fox Chase and Center City, and are planning to open one in Bensalem, PA in November.

Brooks Kinch in maroon, with girlfriend Lacey Bouchard. Brooks had them before, but Lacey was anticipating them as Brooks brags how delicious they are.

The first 100 customers through the door receive a free Krispy Kreme T-shirt.

The Krispy Kreme Collingswood shop will have drive-thru access for doughnut fans on the go, and

feature a lounge area with a large flat screen TV and FREE Wi-Fi for customers who wish to stay and enjoy their sweet treats.

Michael Berlco and his friends celebrate with doughnuts and t-shirts

Inside Sam Ottenberg, James Bron, Nicolina Ranieri and Rachel Cipolla are excited to have a Krispy Kreme down the street from their Haddonfield homes.

Lawnside Police in the house!Collingswood Borough Commissioners Joan Leonard and Mike Hall and Mayor James Maley were on-hand at the ceremony, with Maley cutting the ribbon. “I’m proud to say we’re making doughnut history in the state,” said Maley of Collingswood Krispy Kreme being the first location to open in New Jersey. Maley went on to say “And now we have a doughnut shop on the East and West ends of Collingswood, so it’s like we have two additional police substations,” Maley joked. “So (the opening of Krispy Kreme) will do wonders for public safety, I’m sure.”Krispy Kreme has a variety of fundraisers available. One way to raise money is to just sell the donuts. They offer doughnuts to non-profit groups at a reduced price, which are then resold for full retail price, or slightly higher. The M&M Fund which is part of the Alex’s Lemonade family, benefited from today’s opening. Pictured above: Cindy Schechter, Sue Kilevine, and Pauline Schwarz

David Neff, Neff & Associates PR for Krispy Kreme, Cousins and business partners, Keith Morgan and Brian Zaslow flanked Collingswood Mayor James Maley. Morgan and Zaslow are looking to open a Bensalem, Pa Krispy Kreme in November so get your sleeping bags and snuggies ready.