Hurricane Irene Photos Day 1 – Fashion, Flooding, Damage & Sand Bagged

Yesterdays sunrise

Saturday 8/27/11 Hurricane Irene Photos Day 1 – Flooding, Damage & Sand Bagged

Irene Category 1

Apple Store sand bagged.Red

Doesn’t know what the “Don’t Walk” sign means

Good use for a trash bag

Not so good

sewer grates sand bagged on Market StreetA hurricane doesn’t call for high fashion

Joey Vento died on the day Philly got an earthquake, and was buried on a day we got a hurricane. Geno’s Steaks closed 8am til 10PM for the first time I ever remember for the funeral.

Pat’s Steaks had a line, especially since Geno’s was closed. I found some of the Pat’s people eating at the empty tables at Geno’s

Hurricane damage

Sandals and bootsAbbey Road


Parc boards their doorsboards and sand bagged

If you got to get somewhere, you got to get somewhere

Walt Whitman Bridge. It’s probably illegal to take photos while driving.

The Home Depot parking lot in Cherry Hill is a pond

Rt 70 flooded near King of PizzaYikes better get home

7PM nearly deserted streets

Diesel on Walnut boarded up

factory near 11th street

Here comes Irene

Idiot neighbor thinks this is what is meant by securing your items on your balcony. Attaching a potential sail so your patio furniture doesn’t get wet.