Drink Up For Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month & Charity! – I Want Your Pictures

I’m asking you my readers if they would be willing to help promote Ovarian Awareness Month by ordering a special drink called the “Teal-Tini” and send me a photo of you with the drink. For each photo I receive I will donate $1 to Gilda’s Club of South Jersey in honor of my sister. (up to $1,000.) I’m in the process of getting the crochet room named after her as it was a comfort to her to participate in that program at the house. If you want to help me get there make a donation in the name of Judy Wilkins that would be great. On November 22 I will be having the Annual Judy Wilkins Gilda’s Club Charity Event at TBD (Probably Fleming’s Steakhouse in Marlton, NJ.) Judy’s Bday was 11/24Below you will find a recipe for the Teal- Tini but please allow your bartenders to have fun with this and create their own. Just make sure it’s Teal.

My cousins ordered Teal-Tini’s at a wedding they went to Friday Night

Teal-Tini: Blueberry Stoli, Blue Curacao, Lemonade, Splash of Sprite – Then Facebook me (Philly ChitChat), text me or send me your photos (buzz @ – no spaces) and I will put them up on and mention your name and where you were. Thanks HughE (AND Thanks to my sister Janine DeFeo for giving me this idea. She is spearheading an effort in Charlotte NC)