COOK: The Anticipation is Over Today

A much anticipated business is opening it’s doors to the public today in Rittenhouse Square:
Audrey Claire Taichman’s dream of a collaborative kitchen and classroom has come true in Cook, which officially opens today.
Tuesday night there was an unofficial opening for the winner of an auction item won at June’s Ball On The Square.
Designer Eric Rymshaw, Fury Design Inc executed the Audrey’s dream kitchen
Partners Richard Vague and Audrey Taichman greet their guests
The winner and guests enjoyed the first cooking class and meal offered at Cook, but first they cut the red ribbon to officially open the kitchen. Sharon Sorkin and Joel Koppelman
Fred and Irene Shabel with Mary Parenti and Rich Castor were looking forward to the magic that Perrier creates
Jackie Baik, Lily Cope and Cori Moskow, Gloss PR
Located just off Rittenhouse Square. Their teacher for the night was one of the most esteemed chefs in the city, chef Georges Perrier of Le Bec-Fin. The evening featured four courses paired with wines selected by Le Bec-Fin’s sommelier, Cristine Bruno.
Dr. Amanda Burden Aiman and Guy Aiman
Each guest received recipe cards to take home. Cook is also a retail store, offering cookbooks, cookware, spices, pantry items simple pleasures, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
High Design kitchen tools WMF exclusive which can only be found at Cook.
Alan Sandman, John Wind and Kirk Kirkpatrick
Audrey wants to thank Fury Design, Philly Mag, the greatest partner in the world, Richard Vague and
Chef George Perrier for donating his time to the Rittenhouse Square Ball experience.At the end of the year these recipe boxes will be filled with all the recipes that were prepared at Cook and sold

I love when class is in session the shades are closed for privacy so all your attention can be focused on the food at hand. I can’t wait to experience it myself.