PhillyChitChatter: Fish Picks A Celebrity Interior Designer – Chuck Soldano – Bethenny Frankel’s Bestie

The other day I stopped by Fathom’s Pig Roast in Northern Liberties and chatted with chef-owner, Mike Stollenwerk. We were chatting about his new location for Fish in the Gayborhood, and reviewed a few places I had recommended to him earlier this year when he told me he wanted to move closer to City Hall like Strongbox, and even The Mansion, both of which were no go’s for various reasons, and remain empty to this day.
He told me that the former Q Kitchen is gutted and ready for renovation, he is very excited to have celebrity interior designer Chuck Soldano on board to do the honors starting this week. He looks to be open in a few months. I can’t wait. He chided me for not stopping in enough, but that won’t be a problem now, it’s right in the neighborhood, near public transportation and across from the Speedline. Marilyn D’Angelo Stollenwerk above did an awesome job at Grub Street Philly for the vacationing Collin O’Keefe.

I was supposed to be there last week to shoot the behind the scenes, but went to Kendra signing instead. Here’s the video that was created that day:

Interior Designer Chuck Soldano and Chef/owner Mike Stollenwerk share a sneak peak of their new collaboration in the heart of Midtown Village, Philadelphia