A Philadelphia Make – Over Day – Style Me Hired – A Feel Good Friday Story

Dress You Up with Our Love

Last year, Marc Voci of Marc Voci Salon and Colorbar created Style Me Hired, a make-over for women that is meant to help boost the confidence of local women that have lost their jobs due to the recession. He held his first one last December at his shop with 5 women. This year he went for gold and decided to offer a complete style transformations to 100 unemployed women; partnering with the Career Wardrobe, a charity that clothes women returning to the work force. The event is meant to help boost the confidence of local women that have lost their jobs due to the recession. (The above before photo was taken last Friday at Career Wardrobe’s Boutique at 18th and Spring Garden.)
Since July the organizers have reached out to salons across the Delaware Valley to help out with the transformations, as well as with the Omni Hotel, 4th & Chestnut, in Center City to host the event. With 100 women a large space was needed. The Omni was on board as soon as their PR rep Jami Gordon brought it to their attention. Above AJ Williams, GM Omni and Chris Laufer Director of Sales and Marketing at the Omni with Marc Voci of Marc Voci Salon and Colorbar and Sherri Cole, Career Wardrobe
Karen McGrory, Lauren Thornton, Nello Venditti, Emma Amoroso of Salon Vendi Amo, and Martiza Mercado
Other salons participating:
Partners include:

Della Brown, (Body Airbrush Company) is looking for a job in a salon
Mary Ann Paris gets styles by Nicole Wodard, Marc Voci Salon, an IT Specialist has been unemployed for about 3 months. Would love to get back into the same field.When Maryann was ready to walk the “reveal” red carpet, she looked like she was ready for the Board Room.
Angela Allen thanks the Marc Voci Salon for her make-over
Doesn’t she look great. Wait til she picks out her business suit from Career Wardrobe. The Omni gave the event the use of the Presidential Suite. Earlier this year Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez stayed there.
In the lobby of the Omni, the women were being coached on resume building
as well as tips on what to do and say in a job interview
While upstairs the make-overs continued. Marc would like to take this concept to other cities. In these trying times with so many women out of work, they need a little pampering to brighten their day, and to give them a little confidence to go back out on the street to find the job that is going to help them live a productive life. Sharon Fischer, unemployed 5 months and looking for a job in the food industry, bakery area.
Della Brown, (Body Airbrush Company) is looking for a job in a salon
Sharon Fischer getting her hair done
Beatrice Cousin is getting make-up done by Lisa Lee, Venus Salon. Unemployed for 4 months and is looking for a job in the caregiver field.
Although she looks like Drew Barrymore it’s actually Amy Vicci. Unemployed for two years, Amy would love anything in office Admin.
Ginger Jones, Tiffany Pringle, Stylist Roxanne SeignoretHendley ( ) and Nikki J – The Make Up Artist
AJ Williams, GM Omni Hotel and Old City Omni Hotel PR Jami Gordon.

Emmy award winning Jim DeMarco, has been doing make-up on my favorite soap – One Life to Live; here he is touching up Sherri Cole.
Indulge Hair Salon, Shelia Gaskin, Marc Voci and Muffin Martinez
Angela Allen – The Reveal
Noel Zayas and Garden Wellington coordinate the “Reveal”
The ladies are looking fine
Katie Capelli, LA Hair Salon Unemployed 6 months in the public health field. Dori Corr, Hairs To You, unemployed 4 months in the copywriter, Joann Crowley, Hairs to You, 3 months unemployed in the human resource career, and Beatrice Cousin.
There was one man who joined with his wife in the make over. The couple are sadly both unemployed and in the banking business. David Sirkin is looking for a job in banking, risk management, financial analysis

Kathy Herman, a corporate lawyer seeking employment. Hair by Siaani Salon.
Angela Allen is overcome with her new outlook

Jacinda Scott, InDulge Hair Salon looking for housekeeping work

Marc Voci thanks everyone involved in the day, as NBC10’s LuAnn Cahn stands among the women she just introduced to the guests and media.
Can we talk about these sneakers, wow!
Dori Corr posing with LuAnn
Thank you Marc Voci, Style Me Hired, Career Wardrobe, and all the sponsors. Looking forward to covering your next events as you change peoples lives for the better.
Here’s looking at you Kid!! STYLE ME HIRED INFO