Franklin Institutes CSI:The Experiment Exhibit with Sela Ward (Color Blocking)

“CSI: The Experience” Exhibit at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia kicked off on Saturday, October 2.

CSI: The Experience immerses you in hands-on science while leading you through the challenge of solving a crime. The hands-on exhibit brings to life fundamental scientific principles, numerous scientific disciplines, and the most advanced technology and techniques used today by crime scene investigators and forensic scientists. Through hands-on activities with real equipment, as well as multimedia presentations, you will sample the following science fields and understand their role in cracking crimes. (Source)
Sela Ward is with Anne-Marie Green of CBS3, who is preparing a special piece on the exhibit for TV on Oct 20
I wish I realized what she was wearing when I saw her as I would have asked her if it was on purpose, I would say yes, she had to know. All I kept thinking was this is an odd combination of clothing. (Color blocking in fashion is when a garment or outfit is composed of definite blocks of color.) What are your thoughts?
I checked out the exhibit last Thursday and found it fascinating, and I’ve never seen the show. It was fun reviewing each of the crime scenes for clues, going over the forensic science and then at the end trying to solve the crimes. The exhibit is at the Franklin Institute until Jan 1, 2012