If you want a throwback jersey you know to go to Mitchell & Ness, when you want something current and cool
head on over to Pro League Authentics in Midtown, at 137 S. 13th St (in the old Absolute Abstract Pop Shop [they’re next door now.]) Ray (above), who used to be with M&S, and a few associates including The Roots Frankie Knuckles, are excited to supply all your Phillies, Flyers, Union and Eagles needs. Plus they’ll have other sports related items including posters and things. So if you’re looking for something from Slapshot, this would be your place. The grand opening party is in a few weeks with Big Daddy Graham spinning.
Is this thinking ahead?Yogorino’s coming along, not as quickly as I was told so I don’t think they’ll be an opening this week.
The store next to it looks like it’s underway too
If I were that food cart, I might think of going somewhere else. About 2 months ago a car drove through the Burger King, and now the other night a car drove through the news stand.