KATE BEAVER IS A YEAR OLDER and Friends throw her a Beaver Bash at Kings Oak

PS I wrote a column for PhillyMag today and ran out of time to do my 2nd entry. Tomorrow I promise to devote more time to PhillYChitChat and bring you some good stuff. In the meantime… PhillyChitChatter: Almost all the Eagles sans Michael Vick, showed up at G lounge to celebrate their victory Sunday night. I’ll be there this Sunday if they beat Dallas. Now that’s something to celebrate. I hear the Flyers coach caught our coverage of the Recess Anniversary Party last week, and warned the Flyers about their image of party animals.

Last night a limo picked up Kate Beaver, Editor Philly In, Model, Muse and everyone’s best friend, at her house. The driver said we’re going on a scavenger hunt. Slowly they made their way through the City picking up friends along the way. Amber-Joi Watkins at Chickee and Pete’s cause that’s where they met when they both tried out and made the 76ers cheer leading squad,

Courtney Grant (above left) at Love Park (where she met a lot of men she told me, homeless or occupied, but men nonetheless;
then Jason Cichonski in Fairmount Park cause one time Kate and Jason watched amovie while on a picnic in the shadow of Lemon Hill, except it wasn’t daylight, and eventually the Fairmount security kicked them out of the park.and a few others who’s stories I didn’t catch, finally reaching Kings Oak

Alexis Sophia and Kate check out the cake that was created by Jessie Prawlucki, of Fond, but who is also opening Belle Cakery, a pastry shop on Passyunk Avenue near Dickinson.
Alexis, Kate and Courtney
Samantha Trasatti, Jason Cichonski and Billy Riddle Jr, sous chef at Ela extraordinaire, who can now operate a sledge hammer and paint brush with ease as he and Jason renovate the Ela at 3rd and Bainbridge, which will be opening early November. I gave Jason my ideal date and we’ll see if that’s the one he picks. The moon and stars are aligned Leo then (I’m a Leo)
Kwame Osseo-Asare and Amber-Joi Watkins
Happy Birthday Kate, may all your dreams come true.