MY PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE, My Hypnotist Appt, Del Frisco’s and 12 hr nap

If you were following me on twitter, you know I was out all day yesterday. First I went to a hypnotist to help me get over my sugar tooth, and eat more healthy. Believe it or not I think it’s working. I had dinner at Del Frisco’s again. I had the seafood plateau, $49. And I didn’t want coffee or chocolate after wards. That’s a change cause I usually want one of them after I eat a good meal. Yesterday I also went to the gym, The Sporting Club. I’m serious about dropping some weight, it’s getting harder to maneuver around the skinny socialites, or dodge the drunken messes at bars who think I’m bumping into them on purposed when it’s just me, the bull in the china shop. Then I fell asleep at 8PM fully clothed watching TV, and that’s why there were no more tweets from me @iphillychitchat But

Yesterday I had two columns in Philly Mag that I didn’t promote like I wanted to.

The Pa Ballet Opening:

and the opening of the Phila Film Festival

HughE Dillon One-Shot: Haley Joel Osment

Then there’s these shots I submitted to my photo agency that were picked up my a gossip site. No doubt Haley would not be too happy with me over that top photo, but I too was mesmerized at how if taken at the wrong angle someone could look so terrible. He should only be shot from his left side.

I should have broke through the groupies and got the head shot that I needed. I only had this one to submit to my agency.

Bruno O. Barros

“I see fat people”