Bradley Cooper Robert Deniro, Julia Stiles Jennifer Lawrence Films In Upper Darby & Ridley Park – Video

The Silver Linings Playbook filmed in and around this house in Upper Darby for two weeks
Silver Linings Playbook is a comedy, even though it’s about a guy (Bradley Cooper) who is released from a mental institute after 4 years. He returns to his wife to try and repair their marriage, but then falls for his neighbor, the 21 year old Jennifer Lawrence.
Robert Deniro plays his dad. Here’s Deniro leaving his trailer last Thursday night. It’s not raining, his bodyguard is just trying to block the paparazzi on the other side from the shot. I got the shot as I didn’t use my professional flash and blended in with the neighbors.
Oh I forgot to mention the neighbors. “Nothing like this has ever happened in Upper Darby” they told me. And BTW Upper Darby is different than Darby, they told me. Now I know, so I won’t confuse them on Fox 29 Good Morning again, but hey thanks for watching I told them.
The neighbors catch a glimpse and a few shots of Deniro as he leaves for the night. As I’ve stated on Fox 29, director David O Russell is really cracking down on folks watching the film being shot on the 200 block of Madison St., so the neighbors have been gathering near the actors trailers. It paid off because
last week Bradley Cooper posed with them while sitting in his car, but didn’t sign autographs.
Deniro on the other-hand, posed and signed for the fans.
Bradley Cooper near his trailer last week. The Place Beyond the Pines, is the title of the movie he’s in with Ryan Gosling. (
Last Sunday on Twitter & FB I reported that Cooper stopped by Slice for a pizza the evening before, not a slice but a whole pie, owner Jason Dilk’s told me. Last year he stopped in with then girlfriend Renée Zellweger and had the same thing he had Saturday: a large margherita pizza with prosciutto and an arugula salad. Maybe he was reminiscing the good ol’ days. Recently he’s been linked with J-Lo, even flying out to LA the weekend before to see her, but last weekend when she was in Conn performing a concert, he was having pizza at Slice. Odd since she was on the same coast.This past week the production has moved to Ridley Park, Pa. A lot of the filming has been of Bradley Cooper running down the street in the same jogging suit with trash bag shirt, well it looks like a trash bag. A whole new neighborhood has been coming out to the filming. Jennifer Lawrence on the set of Silver Linings Playbook. I think the photographer who shot this was sitting in a car, that is why the bottom is cropped. Good job because they have been cracking down on paparazzi with in 2 blocks of the place, so somehow this guy was close enough to snap this shot.

A neighborhood that was used for Halloween in a scene earlier this week. One of my readers saw I posted a “casting call” for that scene, and was picked for it.
Julia Stiles: I reported last Sunday that she had dinner at Barbuzzo
Wednesday she shopped along Walnut Street stopping in American Apparel and buyingThis skirt (I’m sorry but it’s ugly.)
And this combination. I like it!!
Great shots taken on Wednesday

Delco Times First Hand experience on the set

Deniro on the set last Thursday night

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper film in Ridley Park, Pa last Friday night.
Me on Fox 29 with my report Tuesday: