Jason Cichonski tweeted that he took my advice and will be opening his eatery with Chip RomanEla on 11/11/11. I told him the date was free after my buddy Lee wasn’t able to open his restaurant (Hop Sing Laundromat) on that date because of drying ink on a few documents. (Lee is currently mad at me because I like eating at Wok on Walnut, and am too lazy to wander into Chinatown for real Chinese food.)

I snoozed on getting this out as well as reporting that Gordon Ramsay was eating at Morimoto last night at the chef’s table. A reader tipped me off that they saw him go in at 8PM, I ran myself over there and was going to wait til he left but was too hungry. The place was packed so I thought I would head home and do a blog post after he left. But eagle eye Drew Lazor, City Paper’s Meal Ticket, tweeted it out there before I got it up before I got home cause I stopped at Wok on Walnut St for dinner. Gordan is in town shooting a few restaurants to feature on his show Kitchen Nightmares is finishing up a few days of filming at Chiarella’s (1603 E. Passyunk) and then will shoot Zocalo (3600 Lancaster Ave.) (Meal Ticket)

Tony Bennett signed for fans this weekend as he exited the Four Seasons Hotel before his concert at the Kimmel Center.

BTW Wok has updated their menu to include Japanese food now. I had hot and sour soup and Pad Thai for dinner. I won’t have the Pad Thai again, it was boring. Not as good as Budukhan. I’ll go back to the Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Last Thursday was a busy day. As some of you know (who follow me on Twitter @iphillychitchat) I’ve been going to a hypnotist, I started working a trainer at The Sporting Club (Boxing with Clif) and hitting weight watchers. So over the next year or so I will probably chatting about that journey with you. Last week I took it a little easier, explored a few things, like using a ring flash for shooting the Philadelphia Weekly Taste of Philly last night. I don’t like the results, so I won’t be using that thing again.
Remember I had to but it to shoot Pam Anderson at Parx Casino. I did make my money back, but I think I’ll just hang the round flash on a pole somewhere. Or maybe I should read the instruction book. I’m notorious about not reading instructions. Last night was the first time I ever covered the PW Taste of Philly. I love reading the newspaper, and have been a fan all the way back to the “Welcomat” days, so it’s like an old friend. I was also surprised to find many PCC and Fox 29 fans there, and I really appreciate all your kind words. I hear Mike Jerrick was there, but we always seemed to be on opposite sides of the room and I never saw him myself.
I don’t always get back to each and every press release or invite that is sent to me as I am overwhelmed, but I do recall them if I come across them out in the field. Recently I have been seeing a lot of Mad Mex emails as they are opening a new restaurant 11/11/11 Willow Grove, they currently have one in University City at 34th and Walnut. They were serving chips and salsas, ranging from mild to where the hell can I get a glass of water? Above Joe Huntenburg and Jordan Haverstick
The hypnotist is working. I didn’t have any cake, cookies or candy last night. Although this room smelled delicious.
I was wondering why the pig statue was turned around, now I just got it. The Twisted Tail just opened. I had heard about it through Profile PR, as well as my friend Evan Solomon, EFS Networks Inc. who did the computer IT work before the restaurant opened. He specializes in such things so if you’re opening a restaurant I’m going to recommend him. He’s a nice guy too. That’s important as well as being skilled. Owner George Reilly above with Laura Reilly, Social Media Coordinator. It’s interesting to read on the various reviews, especially when two peeps had the same dinner, my buds Alli and Mike I.
Michelle Shannon, Bruce Shannon and Margaret Hughes. The event was held at the Crystal Tea Room, which is convenient for parking, and close to transportation. The Crystal Tea Room is very versitle holding VIP functions, classy weddings, (Remember Anne Hathaway’s cousin was had her wedding reception here,) charity events, Shecky’s Girls Night Out, and well tonight a food event.
Shira Rosenwald, Lindsay Bues and Laura Speefs of Philabundance which benefited from tonights event along with City Of Hope.
LinkKristin Lisi, Dean Cafiero and Lisa Coroniti. I’ve never photographed Dean in all the years I’ve been shooting for chitchat, and now in the space of one week he’s out and about with two blonds on each arm. That’s how he rolls you know, he owns The Grotto.
Robert Patton, JNA Institute of Culinary Arts, Chef Michael DeLuca, JNA Institute of Culinary Arts Joe DiGeronimo, JNA Institute of Culinary Arts
Amy Fitzgerald, Harry Giordano, City of Hope and Michele DiVeterano, City of Hope & PAWS
Lindsay Rinier and Luca Sena
Michael Hammond Jr, Conicelli Autoplex Internet Marking Manager and Sandra Visnov, Wedding Planner for Limerick Golf Club.
Author Rob Deck was in town promoting his book My Wordggism, with him is high school friend Maria Pierantozzi.
DJ Adrian Hardy gets the crowd in a frenzy
Matt Setter, Stephen Lyfort and secret admirer. Stephen got his “first spam txt msg ever, actually filled out a complaint with FCC online. Hope it does something! #littlevictories”
These gals are gonna kill me as I misplaced their biz cards. I try and always write peeps names down right when they give me their biz cards, but the girls and I began chatting about upcoming events and things and I forgot. Send me them peeps.
Keven Parker also has something brewing at his place “Miss Tootsie”. I finally tried the waffles and chicken, OMG so good. Really the best. I love Jones, but I’m gonna say Miss Tootsie’s is better.

Christopher Gray, Aesha Brown, Anna Thomas and Brian Brown say hi to Mike Jerrick and Shenielle Jones for us. They love Good Day Philadelphia. Check out Today’s Philly Mag column in The Philly Post to see my coverage of Buddy Ryan