Hope you caught my Philly Mag column on the Philadelphia Art Museum Craft Show which continues through Sunday. I recommend you go 100%. It’s only $15. You don’t have to buy anything, but you’ll want to. It’s beautiful, inspirational and they have demonstration to help you awaken your inner artist.Last night I attended a Scotch Tasting Pairing event with Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Macallan and the restaurant R2L in honor of the collaboration with the Scottish crafters who have come to share their wares at the 35th annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.
Sam Milakofsky, of Capital Wine & Spirits, discusses the Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Macallan with the guests.
John and Meredith Marks are scotch fans and were looking forward to the pairings event.
Jason Long discusses what to expect from the scotch tasting. Do not sniff it like wine or you will incinerate your nose hairs. It is to be tasted, drunk slowly to enjoy the bounty of it’s flavor.
The craft show continues through tomorrow. It’s not your neighborhood craft show, it’s high quality, beautifully handcrafted items that make great holiday gifts.
Chef Daniel Stern, R2L created the perfect menu that complimented the whisky. My favorite was the dates with pate.Each tartan represents a family line or clan. Until the middle of the nineteenth century, the highland tartans were associated with regions or districts, rather than by any specific clan. This was because tartan designs were produced by local weavers for local tastes and would tend to make use of the natural dyes available in that area. Dave Clark center tells me his tartan represents only the Clark family, and not the clan.
Ken Leith, Wayne Lorgus, Karin Sturla, Craig Mills and Douglas Hyland. Douglas Hyland is wearing his uncles tartan, and his dress shoes as well.Douglas Hyland, Tita Hyland, Katherine Padulo, Louis Padulo, Joe Seamons, Elizabeth Seamans, Mary Bald and Tuly Reeve
Many people attending the Whisky Tasting, enjoyed the craft show and mad a few purchases. I am still looking for the scarf booth that I saw so many people purchase. They were green and looked like slinkees? Anyone?
Did you know that there are no vintages for whisky, (Gaelic for “water of life”), that consistency is what is important. These three know why. Domenica Vinci, Althena Photopoulos and Angela Buchanico are fans of scotch and were excited to attend the tasting as well as hear about the history of food and whisky.
Wood purses. Between $100 – $300. Very unique indeed. Nothing like the Cigar box purses that were popular a few years back.
Jason Long, The Macallan manager, discusses the beauty and taste of the various years of the whiskey.
Tarrick Nassar and Josh Phillips wanted to stop off at the whiskey tasting before they headed over to Jack Willis’ cocktail party that I tweeted about earlier this week. Jack Willis is the new clothing store on Walnut Street.
Maida Milone and Bonnie Barnes enjoy the various flavors of Macallan scotch. Most everyone I talked to enjoyed all the years, but did favor #17 & #18.
Wooden bowls were all the rage at the craft show.
Emily Rothrock and Mark Karagelian
Michael Murphy, Josh Long, Daniel Stern and Sam Milakofsky help make the night informative and interesting.