It’s A Wrap: Final Notes on Silver Linings Playbook, Wrap Party, Sightings & Noshing

First I want to apologize to the peeps who’s events I did not cover on Friday night. Three very important events. I didn’t even get to shoot very much of the movie shoot happening in town with Bradley Cooper. I’ve been working hard prepping for the event I am having tonight in honor of my sister, Judy Wilkins, which benefits Gilda’s Club of SJ (which assists people suffering from all kinds of cancer with workshops, therapy and comfort,) and it’s been hugely emotional. if you can make it today that would be great, if not I understand, it’s SJ and it’s rush hour. If you want you can send a donation in my sister’s name: Judy Wilkins

Well it’s over, today is the last day for the Silver Linings Playbook which shot in Philly all last week, and today will be returning to the 200 block of Madison for final scnes. It was fun covering it, well as much as I could. But big thanks to all my readers and tipsters, with their help I was able to piece together many of the stories you saw on Fox 29 and read on twitter and here on PhillyChitChat. I even broke the news a full month before anyone else on 8/18/11, and then gave additional news on my Labor Day telecast on Good Day Philly.
Fast forward 5 years to Upper Darby, Pa. Bradley Cooper plays Pat Peoples, a man recently released from a mental institute. Believe it or not the movie is supposed to be a comedy. Anyway
Pat returns to his parents house and has a master plan to win back his wife, played by Philadelphia actress Brea Bee (She can also be seen in other Philly filmed movies like the upcoming “Backwards” with James van der Beek and “The Best and the Brightest” with Neil Patrick Harris, which filmed here 2 years ago.) Where has Bree been, last week was the first I heard of her when I got told you first that she had dinner with a whole bunch of Silver Linings Playbook peeps last Saturday night at Tashan at 777 Broad Street, sans Robert De Niro, but you know where he was as I tweeted he was at Talula’s Garden ( ) Since he’s been in town he’s gone to D’Angelo’s off of Rittenhouse Square, and then it was only Stephen Starr restaurants from there on out: Parc, Parc, Talula’s Garden a week ago, then the same night he ended at Il Pittore as Mike Jerrick told me Tuesday on air. Bradley Cooper inside a “Craft Service” tent in Ridley Twp. Thanks to Kathy & Kim. Another Saturday night he had a whole pizza pie at Slice off of Rittenhouse Square. I got lazy, I should have more pixs with all the tips you all sent me. Almost every sighting I’ve written about I got as the person was where they were, even the American Apparel one, but this self employment thing can really be demanding and most of the time I couldn’t get away, but I was usually the first one to deliver the news.
Someone who did do a stellar job was She was everywhere, she got lots of inside info and video by hiding in just about every crevice. When she’s not writing about movie sets, she’s covering her crazy life, which is fun. here’s Robert De Niro chasing some kid off the lawn where he and his wife live. Next door is where the newly brunette Jennifer Lawrence’s character Tiffany lives.

Is this the coat that Bradley Cooper gave to the homeless guy. According to the National Enquirer he did. Check out this piece in the Christian Post about it.
Many of the photos I spotted had Bradley Cooper decked out in Eagles gear. I know he is a tried and true fan, but the Eagles actually played a huge part in the film. Pat Peoples is a huge Eagles fan. When he went into the hospital his favorite player was Hank Baskett. When he goes to his first game in the movie he wears it thinking Hank is still on the team. His family travels in style in their Eagles tail gate party bus to the Linc. SLP sent three days at the Linc filming in the parking lot a Tail Gate party. I hear it was fun. In fact one day for lunch everyone got to eat Pat’s Cheese Steaks Chris Tucker plays Bradley Cooper’s BFF Danny, who was also in the hospital with Pat. While in town Chris went to Harry Belafonte‘s book signing at the Phila Library, and he ate at the Palm, twice. Once while he was there he chatted with Councilman James Kenney, and happily posed for a photo with him. Chris also ate at Tashan, twice and partied at G Lounge.
I had a hankering for Burger King last week and discovered the Silver Linings Project had set up shop at 8th & Market. I immediately tweeted you ( ) so I hope you found some time to check it out.That is Robert De Niro’s trailer on the left. It travels with him to film sets. In the back on the left is Bradley Cooper’s trailer. I saw him go in, but I didn’t have my SLR on me, bummer. I had just finished my Tuesday live shot of Fox 29 Philly, and was just strolling home. That won’t happen again.
I did find the Call Sheet and it gave me a lot of great info. I tweeted to you. This was the 27th day of the 33 day shoot. It was a dance scene in the lobby of the Ben Franklin Hotel. It had everyone’s call time which meant what time they should show up on the set. It had info about their hotel, Chris Tucker, Julia Stiles and Bradly Cooper stayed at The Four Season’s Hotel (They often hung out in the bar, unnoticed. In fact Cooper, Lawrence, Tucker and Stiles were spotted at the bar Saturday afternoon.) In the beginning Bradley stayed at his parents house in Rydal, but as time progressed, and the shootings took place at night, he moved to The Four Seasons. Robert De Niro stayed at the Rittenhouse Hotel hence the reasons why he could walk to and from D’Angelo’s and across the square to Parc; David O’Russell and crew stayed at the AKA Hotel. (The above shot taken on Wednesday night)I stopped by the lobby on Tuesday to check it out. Most of the shoot is done in the lobby, but at one point the action takes place on the upper level. In another scene Jennifer Lawrence has a baby in her arms, is it hers? I wish I had read the book. The movie should be out next year, so I’ll wait now.
Thanks to photographer Audrey Amaro for this shot, who was shooting a wedding that evening, which booted the filming outside.
To Jewelers Row. It was a Christmas scene, they filmed til 3AM (Jerrick Tweeted this). SLP brought in the lights for the shot.
They left the lights, but only after the Samson St. Association paid for them; they didn’t get a deal I hear. Really I asked my source, “no there was not a discount”, he said.
Bradley was never overly friendly to the paparazzi, but he was great to the fans, as was all the actors on the shoot.One of the final scenes shot for the movie took place Friday night, outside of the Ben Franklin House
The filming was shot fairly late at night, and it was cold, which was perfect since the scene is set at Christmas time.
Wearing the same suit as the one he wore in the photos above, Bradley leaves the hotel, looks up the street to
where Jennifer Lawrence’s character has run to, over and over from every conceivable angle til the wee hours in the morning, but at least the extras were let go after there 16hr film shoot in the lobby that day. And then it was a wrap and the Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper left ‘The Silver Linings Playbook’ movie set on his Italian-made Aprilia Mana 850 motorcycle and headed home in the wee hours of the night.
And before you know it it was Saturday night and the cast and crew headed over to the Wrap Party at Stephen Starr’s Tangerine, which is where the cast party was held on Saturday night.
I hear that everyone was there but Julia Stiles, who had returned to NYC. Other sightings this weekend: John Ortiz and Shea Whigham hung out at Whisper on Friday night enjoying the fire eaters. It was there 1st Anniversary party. Saturday late night the duo was spotted at Del Frisco’s. Thanks everyone for your tips. Most peeps just send them cause they like what I’m doing they tell me, but I don’t have a problem promoting something you want me to tweet about, or send you a photo of you I’ve taken, or next time you see me tell me hey PhillyChitChat I want to be on your site. That’s how I got this far, you the readers. (The above shot taken on Wednesday night. He must have a lot of these suits, or a good dry cleaner since he was dancing in it all night.) Thanks HughE on and one more thing…
In town on Saturday, was Bette Midler who was at the Virtua Hospital Women’s Association Conference. Look for the Divine Miss M to visit this year’s flower show, which is produced by her former assistant director Drew Becher, Executive Director of the PHS. Thanks to my advertisers this week: Secrets Limo ; CTO Entertainment;
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