OCCUPY PHILLY ENDS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, I Tweeted it Live and Got More Than a T Shirt

I was Philly’s trending leader in play by play tweets at 4AM, beating 6ABC, my buddy Chris May at CBS3, #OccupyPhilly and Panties. How about them cookies!!

Also I would appreciate if you guys could go over to Philebrity and vote for moi in the category of
“Which Philadelphian most represents our town as a living, breathing monument to all that is “fabulous?” I really am so honored to even be mentioned, and now mortified I will be last. I know someone has to, but I’d rather it not be me – LOL.
Thanks Then check out the Occupy Philly Eviction shots over at Philly Weekly Photographer/reporter Matthew Petrillo did an outstanding job for the duration of the occupation.