Wednesday night was crazy in town, with at least 3 “parties” hopping, the Lighting of the Rittenhouse Square Christmas Tree, and Occupy Philly roaming the streets to find a place to be heard, I headed into
the brand spanking new offices of Keller Williams 1619 Walnut Street, in the building that used to house Brassier Pierre. Rittenhouse Row was throwing them a party officially welcoming them to the tony neighborhood.
No holiday party is complete without Santa on hand
Rumor nightclub’s Jaye S. Hamel and Cher Baylor. Love that Jane haircut, and that cool orange dress that Cher has on.
Jessica Scott, Domenic Gallelli is the Founder, President & CEO of Prodigal Private Security Inc and Tiffany Fasone
The decision to purchase your first home is one of the biggest and best decisions you could ever make. After all, a home is the largest (and most emotional) investment most people will ever make. So, how do you know if it’s the right time for you to buy your first home?The Mickey Pascarella Group Keller Williams, Julian Spiker, Luke Kedziora, Mickey Pascarella and Donovan Cheney;
Congratulations are in order for Mickey Pascarella and Philly Daily News reporter, Lauren McCluteon, who are expecting a baby in April.
Food was provided by DiBruno Brothers, Le Castagne and Swiss Bakery.
Inga D’Angelo on the tables. You can catch her Thursday nights at 10 Arts.
Antonio Atacan, The Atacan Group and Georgine Atacan, Director of Team Development for The Atacan Group.
These two get around, Wednesday night Karen Chin and Carl Kabat were at the Keller Williams party, and Thursday I spotted them at the Holiday Party of the Busy Bee Home Design store on South Street.
Stephanie Rybczyk, Tim Beverlin, Ali Warren and Andre Watson
Swiss Haus, I will not eat sweets, I will not eat sweets. I have my last hypnotist appointment this week. I think I need a re-enforcements.
A few real estate agents from other offices. Sometimes another agency might have the perfect house for your client. Well you don’t have to send them to that office, all your agent does is contact them and they you can go check out the house. It’s all about customer service, right? Above Linda Miller, Bryan Delowery, Coldwell and Doris Parent enjoy themselves at the shindig.
In this Keller Williams office there are many agents, and a few agencies. They all rent space, but are under the Kellwer Williams name. They all get to enjoy this terrace.
Denise Spauling, Perry Monastaro, Mark Dann and Bob Buchhofer,
Christian Best, Dayhna Carroll, Keller Williams and Brandon Baily.
NBC10’s Dave Warren, Genevieve Conroy, The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton, Director of Sales & Marketing and Kim Beverlin. Check out Philly Mag today for the Holiday Party I went to on Saturday night. I ran into Ed and got his reaction to being a new grand-pop, plus news on Lemon Hill’s menu should be live by 10AM, check me out on Fox 29 this morning at 9:30AM.