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Last night I headed over to the 3rd Annual Varga Bar Calendar launch. It was dreary outside, but that all changed when I walked through the doors to
the warm glow of Miss January…
My friend Erin Como, here with her colleague at NBC10 Doug Shimmel, and Erin’s dad, Mr Como.
George Anni (r) and Val Anni are big supporters of the USO and last year, began donating 25 percent of all calendar proceeds to the Liberty USO (the local chapter). On the left is Joseph Brooks, President & COO, Liberty USO of Pennsylvania and New Jersey,
Danny Schuyler with RAW: natural born artists Showcase at G Lounge host Fred Calang
Out on the town last night, former cad turned celebrity interviewer Arthur Kade will be seen on the Biography Channel at 10 tonight night as a commentator on a special called “Never Satisfied: Why Powerful Men Cheat.” Kade, discusses philanderers such as Jesse James, Anthony Weiner, Brett Favre, Tony Parker and Ted Haggard. Hanging with the Kade is Marissa Magnatta, producer from the Preston & Steve Show on WMMR, and Kate Ryan, Kate Ryan PR, who reps Varga, Valanni and Mercato restaurants. Michelle – Miss September, George and Dawn – Miss August
Linh Dang – Miss April 2012 and Gennifer Whiston – Miss March 2010
Doctors in training from Brazil. These folks are at Wills Eye Hospital for a few classes, and return home next week after finals. Varga bar is a fun hang out, and they love Philly. Adding NYC is nice, and everything, but the history and quaintness of Philadelphia can’t be beat. The people are so nice. (GPTMC let’s get these folks in a Love Philly campaign.) L-R Roberto, Fernada, Monique, Moe and Gustavo.
Did I mention it was packed? the sponsors were: Dollface Studio-photography
AMS Salon-hair, Just B Beautiful and Shelah Layton-makeup, Velvet Lily-wardrobe
Bill Callahan-graphic design

Hmm pork and meat loaf sliders
Erin Como and her beau Danny Schuyler
Miss May, but I think it should have been Miss June as an homage to Gay Pride Month since she’s wearing an outfit with the Rainbow Flag colors on them.
Varga Bar Chef Evan Turney, guest Michelle Demsky and Chris Pesotski
Check out my Philly Mag column on The Girard College Screening that happened at the Independence Seaport Museum the other night. Thanks. Here

This post is dedicated to my friend Sarah Jo Robinson. Right before I attended the Varga event, I received a letter from her parents telling me she had died a few weeks earlier of a heart attack at her home in Colorado. She had beaten the meth addiction 2 years before, begun to rebuild her life, working with a charity drug & outreach program to help others who were in her situation, but the damage to her heart had already been done. She was 43.

I should have picked a happier song for Sarah, like Walking on Sunshine or Simply Irresistible. The Susan Boyle song reflects how I feel, she was more like this song.

We were together when it first played on the radio, I was shocked and she was like Hughie embrace it. It’s about women being in charge. Over the years we would sing it to each other cause it was such a one hit wonder. She was a lovely girl, from a good family, she had class, she was grounded even during those years I though I had lost her (I had a lot of patience during those years), and she was a great friend. In the past few years I had less and less time to chat with her, and she understood. I have a card on my desk from her that was sent in July. She had just moved into a new house to be closer to her son, who had been placed in foster care. It was my reminder to write or call her, I never found the time, but I knew it would be soon as I just bought stamps yesterday to send her that card. I wish I had called instead. I’ll miss her.