Running of the Santas Saturday 12/10/11 – Photos

In Philadelphia Saturday, the annual “Running of the Santas” began in the morning with hundreds of Santas bar crawling in the Old City and Northern Liberties neighborhoods. Then at 4PM the Santas were to gather at Finnegan’s 3rd & Spring Garden and run to the Party with the Santa’s at Festival Pier about a half mile away.

I had a feeling I was on the right path when I spotted these folks at 5th and Spring Garden Sts. on SaturdayIn Philadelphia Saturday, the annual “Running of the Santas” began at 10 a.m. with hundreds of Santas bar crawling in the Old City and Northen Liberties neighborhoods. At 4 p.m., the Santas, began to run 1/3 a mile to the Festival Pier to see live performances by 10 bands. Proceeds from the event, which included a “Hottest Santa Contest,” go to the Ellie Koerner Leukemia Fund and the FOP Lodge #5 Survivors Fund.

Started in Manayunk in 1998, the Running of the Santas is an annual bar crawl where participants dress up in Santa costumes, drink and go for a short run to the “North Pole,” a closing party. Over the years, the Philadelphia Running of the Santas has moved from Manayunk to South Street before settling at its current Northern Liberties location. Now there are over 100 runs across the country included Naked Santa Runs, Santa Speedo Run to sizzle on the streets Saturday afternoon in Toronto and in Boston.

Geez what happened Philly, it’s not that cold? Why don’t we have a naked Santa Run?

Although I was impressed by this guy on crutches, he was more impressed. I ran into him an hour later, and he was so proud he made the 1/5 mile run, and barely spilled his beer from his special cup holder. Can you see it?I was glad a lot of people recognized me even though I didn’t have my Santa outfit on
Like Brittany Bernard and her girlfriends
Who wears short shorts. Hey I went to see Jersey Boys this weekend. Loved it. Go see it, it’s for all ages. You’ll recognize a song or two.

Todd “Heat Miser” Burnside and friends.


The folks coming off the El were a bit confused

by the leprechaun cause he’s at least 4 months early. Yes there is going to be “Running of the Micks” in March 2012

At least he’s telling you up front

Fire Hydrant must have reminded him of something

Santa down


Marlon Brando lives

Check out the gal with the tree on her head. Both are a little wobbly.

busta move

Drinking water? Somethings wrong here.
Elf downMac Demy and Doc with two strangers

The 1% looking down at Festival Pier Tent. The other view, Sugarhouse, just sayin
Wait I know I’ve seen some gift wrap somewhere

The three wise

There were two tents, one with the band, and one with a DJ. Beers were only $3There was dancing and shenanigans outside the tents too.

Did I mention that Delilah’s opened a new bar. It’s called Rock and Roll, and it’s at the end of their strip fronting Spring Garden.

Let’s twist again like we did last summer

They were giving out the bows to all the nice girls. Seems like everyone was naughty this year.

He’s minority Santa he told me

Marilyn Russell from Ben FM. I have to tell you I’ve been listening to it lately, and I like it. Good mix of young and middle age stuff. Just like what they play at D’Angelo’s. BTW readers who always write me about a dance night just for you, the 60’s – 80’s Dance music. Well I finally convinced a restaurant to work with me on hosting a monthly, maybe weekly event just like that. More to come in 2012. Maybe Ben FM could host it?


Let’s do the Time Warp Again?

E*A*G*L*E*S , finally

He thought there was a chair there.

Rockette Reject?

YMCA, it’s fun to go to the YMCA

Do you think they exchanged stockings or are they always alternative?

Feliz Navidad

I was on my way home to attend a friends holiday party, but the stream of people kept coming. Such a fun event. Hey do me a favor.
Update: Tuesday Entry: Check out the tryouts of the Soul Football Team Dance Squad Here.

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