It’s been 5 months since I’ve been doing my Philly Mag column, and I love it. Did you know I do one or two columns a week over at The Philly Mag in the Philly Post section, plus I do 2 – 3 “One Shot” photos a week.

When I used to photograph for Michael Klein over at the Inquirer for over 3 years, my photos in the Inqlings column used to be “One Shots” ie celebrity or notable shot a week, with a little copy about who, what and where about the photo. Now I do that at Philly Mag in The Philly Post section.

It might be hard to find, as I don’t do them all specific days, and I don’t always promote them as I might be out at meetings when the column goes live. I’m thinking of picking one specific day for the long column. What day would you suggest for my long form column.

As for the “One Shot” they will still be random, but I’d love it if you could check in every day. Or sign up for The Post Email, cause they have a lot of other interesting articles and photos you might enjoy.

You can also click onto The Philly Post and click on any of the photos to bring up my column. I have my own little section on the right hand side. The photos rotate, but to read what I wrote you have to click on the photo. I often put interesting tidbits, news and chitchatter in the columns. For now check out yesterday’s column directly:

Then when you’re done check out The Philly Post, then click back into The Scene to see how it all works. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section.

Also I’m still going to be doing every day, but I usually don’t do both a PhillyMag and a PCC column about the same event. So check that out The Philly Post. I will still try and either post on twitter of my FB names to remind some of you, as I realize some of you may just read my blog. Thanks, HughE