YOU’RE GONNA WANT A COOKIE AFTER THIS – GN Kang’s Gingerbread House Party

A Sweet Entry…first congratulations to Nicole Cashman and Nigel Richards on their engagement over the weekend.Now on to today’s post.

It was a couple nights before Christmas and all through the house were amateur architectsvying for the best Gingerbread House The party was hosted by G-N Kang and her boyfriend Ian, who would go on to judge the finished houses to see who would win the Apple TV. Second prize was Gift Card to Paddywhacks. Everyone else got a bottle of Tequila or pick of DVD

The house that inspired it all. GN loves Hello Kitty. After she and Ian constructed their house the week before, they thought hmm wouldn’t it be fun…
Fish eye setting on my camera
Nicole and Maria working on their Phillies house. Guess they were appealing to one of the judges.The Hamels Foundation’s assistant, Kristen and her bf building the TV show “House” Gingerbread House, I guess appealing to the other judge.Durrell bottoms, Wanda Mora and Eric SerranoMarina Kogan, co-owners of Rumor night club (With Mark Marek) Ksenia and Gary Shusman (not pictured)
Nearly a dozen couples participated in the fun but sticky contest. They had 30 minutes to construct their sweet house.A few of the judges check out the houses (Look there’s Mike)Let the judging begin, as each contestant explained the theme of their house.
New Year’s Eve inspired
Ho Ho Ho Whorehouse
The TV Show House complete with Dr Ian and Nurse GN Kang

The winner, crackhouse glory with jacked up electrical lights and Three Kings on the roof top. (That’s not my description, but the girl who won said it was based on a house down the street from her.)
Hello, Kitty!!

(Happy birthday to my birth mother Marie Russell Dillon who would have been 74 years old today. 12/27/37 – 9/25/95)