It was hard to choose among the 25,000 fashion photos I took in 2011. (In total I took 86,617) These are in no particular order.

One sure way not to make the list, wear a white bra under a black outfit, especially a sweater. (It didn’t preclude your shot from appearing in these pages as I always say I spend a lot of nights photo-shopping boobies and bloopers.) Here we go…feel free to leave a comment if I missed anyone…Brad Waxman and Sharon Phillips Waxman book end the Joan’s (Joan Spain and Joan Pileggi), as I call them. Bernie Spain in the middle. I’m begining to realize the Spain’s invest in a lot of restaurants in the City. Mrs. Spain never fails to impress me in wearing some magnificent outfit. Sharon Phillips Waxman started what I believe to be the first Philly fashion show and this year it celebrated the 18th annual Phasion Phest at The Shops of Liberty Place, in Center City.
As pretty as a flower, Kate Wilhelm, Senior Vice President of Business Development at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and BFF Mark Focht, Executive Director Fairmount Park Commission. These two used to work together at Fairmount Park and have remained close friends since. In 2012, Kate will be wearing another white dress, a wedding dress as she marries Chris Chimicles in the coming months.
Also hearing wedding bells Philadelphia Style Magazine’s John Colabelli and his fiance Lauren O’Dorsio. These two no doubt coordinate their outfits as their threads always compliment each other. Another nice thing, he’s not afraid of heels.
The Four Nerds of The 3 Nerds, LLC. Their company came together this past year. The force behind Recess nightclub, as well as launching a successful DJ infused brunch party at Tweed. When Tweed restaurant went out of biz, they recovered nicely without missing a beat launching Industry Night at Arrow Swim Club where every Tuesday night the place was packed. In 2012, the crew is bringing Green House to the 700 block of Chestnut Street. I’ve chatted with the owners of the eateries along the “next restaurant” row and they’re excited for their new neighbor. Celebrate NYE 2012 in style @ Recess Lounge with the 3 Nerds INFO HERE
Chris Mullins and Bill Gehrman. I love when people show up to a garden party and know what garden party attire means. (The Franklin Square Annual Gala)

random Philly Street Chic shot.Carol Drumstas, Brown Forman and Company, made an appearance in her stunning Nicole Miller outfit from this season at the XIX Most Fashionable Women in Philadelphia Party. With her is Sam Milakofsky, Capital Wine and Spirits
Whether dressed down (note he has just a hint of his shirt showing under his sweater) or
dressed up, Ron Zawadsky and WMMR’s Marisa Magnatta are a stylish couple. (At the Phila Magazine – Best of Philly Party at Vie)
She undresses for a living, but is just as hot with clothes on. Angela, dancer at Delilah’s at Philly Style Mag’s White Party.
Dana Spain and Eric Cahill. Sexy confidence is what I think of every-time Dana’s in front of my lens. Charitable too, making life better for cats and dogs (PAWS). She knows how to wear the little black dress. She accessorizes, especially when she has dashing and handsome Captain Eric Cahill on her arm.random Philly Street Chic
Mural Arts Ryan Derfler and Whitney Miller. Her shoes match his tie and the flower in her hair. Nice touches. Check out the new Mural Art’s gallery & office space in the Gallery at 8th and Market.
The best looking family. The McIlwaine’s with daughter CW’s Kharisma McIlwaine and son, Alloyius McIlwaine, Cultures Clothing Co. (Ceo-Founder / Artist / Designer) Here at the Noel Zaya’s Roaring 20’s event held at one of my favorite new spaces Stephen Starr’s Arts Ballroom.
Jason Duran and Casey Anderson and their mothers, at their wedding reception this past summer at the Power Plant in Old City. It was great to see so many of Casey friends from University of Penn and Jason’s peeps from Temple University School of Medicine celebrate their union.
Metrosexual David Maser is always a man of style, with Brian Sims, who is a candidate for Philadelphia’s 182nd District of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. (If I see you on the street and you look fashion fabulous, I’m gonna ask you for a photo.)Jared and Dara Lazaroff above glowing in expectancy (They had a girl, Bells). Leigh Rubin and Jill Jacobson (She and husband Tal had a boy). Also glowing in expectancy.
Owners of Skin Palette in Rittenhouse Square, another case of casual or dressy, Susie Johnsen and Julie Dorenbos are two who turn heads when they walk into a room. Vote Julie hottest athlete’s wife here. Susie is training for her next boxing match this spring.
Chameleon Rakia Reynolds brings it. She has a unique style, including wearing one octopus earring in her right lobe. She has so many different stylish looks that I often don’t even recognize her. She’s with Philly’s Audrey Hepburn’s NBC 10’s Jillian Mele, who always exudes simplistic class is her style. Erin Como, one of the nicest women you could ever meet, also has a sexy style and isn’t afraid to wear those body hugging outfits in many different colors. The girls are all wearing Nicole Miller. Unfortunately Erin’s doesn’t photograph too well above (maybe the sweater was too much), but in this shot it looks fabulous. Here she is with Lauren Richmond at PhillyChitChat’s 4th Anniversary Party at Opa Restaurant. (They have 3 seating’s for New Year’s Eve.)
Wacky, wonderful Jenn Frederick is willing to try anything on her segments on Fox 29’s Good Day Philly, whether it’s putting on a tutu to do the Nutcracker, water ski or eat outrageous food in the morning, she’s done it. Hanging with her husband Steve Frederick at the Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly party.
Thom Cardwell, director of development at QFest, GLBT Film Festival. Do I have to say anymore. This guy should be invited to every event that happens in Philly. He has a quirky, fun and memorable style; probably a closet full of velvet jackets in every color. He should be photographed every time he steps out of the house. Here Mayor Michael Nutter is sporting a little something Thom thought would complete the Mayor’s outfit.
2011 was the year of the Nerd, and look for even more copy to take over the white space in 2012 from these guys. NERDS: You know those peeps you made fun of in high school are now your bosses (I was kinda a nerd myself, but not as smart.) Paul Colloman and Jennifer Hall at the First Annual Geek Awards, which was definitely one of the best events of the year. Check out tomorrow’s PhillyChitChat blog entry for my picks on the other best events.