Race Street Pier Fireworks 2012 6PM Show

Race Street Pier located beneath the Ben Franklin Bridge may be the perfect place to watch the 2012 New Year’s Eve Fireworks. I raced to Old City about 530PM and was lucky enough to find a parking spot at 3rd and Race. Then headed to the Race Street Pier as I always wanted to see it, and especially gauge how it was to see the fireworks from there.
The pier is divided in an upper level and low level. We took the upper level first and realized it was too crowded. Normally at the end of the pier you would be able to walk to the lower level, but a lot of folks were sitting on the steps and it was impossible to navigate them. (Mike in the grey sweatshirt) So we walked all the way back to the beginning to enter the lower level as that’s the only place to enter. My recommendation is to watch the fireworks from the more spacious lower level of the Race Street Pier. Everyone goes to the higher lever as the opening to the pier is wider up there. You’ll see what I mean when you enter the pier.
This is what the fireworks look like from the end of the pier. You can’t hear the music, but it’s still very enjoyable.
and orderly when returning to your cars, well as least orderly for the 6PM fireworks.
Happy New Year!!! See you on Monday for the Mummer wrap up. Tuesday for the Mayor’s inauguration.