HAIR at the Academy of Music til 1/8; Then Memphis 1/17 – 1/22

I saw Hair this week. The audience gave it a standing ovation. It reminded me of the modern Occupy Wall Street Movement. The kids were protesting the war, but I was thinking how did they get all this freedom, it didn’t just happen. I did love the music, and the joy I saw on so many peoples faces who remembered that era, the songs and the love in of the 1960’s. I’m still getting over the fact that my mom thought it was cool to dress me in tye dye for school when growing up. Learn how to do sand art, as well as wear big sunflowers on my denim shirts oh and String Art; thank God that hasn’t come back into fashion. I might just have something against the hippie fashion era.
At the end of the show you can get up on stage and “be in” with the actors. It’s at the Academy of Music through Sunday. Tickets are still available.