Logistics for having a “Professional Pillow Fight” at Your Venue

Friday night at the Deck in Essington Damon Feldman and The Pillow Fighting Championships (PFC) hosted The Celebrity Pillow Fighting with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee against Rita Rampage, Preston and Steve’s Calendar Girl on WMMR 93.3 FM’s morning show and RC Tattoo.

Now you can Have a Pillow Fighting Championships Event at your Venue

Buy Out Fee:

Cost-$3,000 you keep all ticket sales, this includes, advertising, social
media promoting, to thousands! Venue Keeps- Press Conference and
After party!

PFC Brings: Ring,Girls, Promotions, all Equiptment and TV Cameras

Co Promotion:

Cost-$2,000-Split ** 50/50** on Ticket sales, PFC- Bring Girls
Promotion- We sell Press Conference and After Party to another



Pillow Fighting Championships Sponsor Package

Corner Pad-$200

2-Corner Pads- $300

4-Corner Pads-$600

Ring sponsor-$500

Ring announcements-$200


Guest Referee-$200 per match $500 for event

Guest Ring announcer-$200 per match $500 for event

KO Package-$1,000 receive 2 Corner Pads,Ring , Banner, Booth at Event,

Ring Announcements, you as guest referee 1 match. 10- Comps to event

Feather Package-$500-1 Corner Pad, Banner , Ring Announcements-6 Comps

to event

Cotton Package-$250-Banner at Event, Ring Announcements-4 comps to

Call 484-318-6133

Who brings the contestants?Above Damon Feldman, Vaughn Goland (DP and co-Director for Dreams, which has been filming in the Philly area for the past month.) and Tom Walton (Writer/ Dreams, co-director.) outside Shampoo nighclub a few weeks ago.