Last night I headed over to the Reading Terminal Market for the monthly social networking party for members of the LGBT and allied communities, their friends, and colleagues called “Our Night Out”. Before I headed into the party I checked out some of the improvements like their new Demonstration Kitchen located in the back of the market, near where the Rick Nichol’s Room will be located, the bathrooms and below the offices which you can finally see after decades of being hidden by walls and the guts of the building.Yesterday was a big day for Dinic’s as they opened in the old Harry Och’s spot, which is twice the size of their old stall, has more seating and will ease the congestion of the market as the line can be managed more easily. As of last night around 7PM, the old space was being dismantled so that Spataro’s, which is located across the aisle (see American flag and Cash Only sign) can move into the spot. Moving into their spot is Flying Monkey, which will finally relieve the market of that ugly, awkward stand blocking the flow of traffic. More tables and chairs will be added there, which will also attract folks to
Molly Malloy’s where the event was held last night (the new Gastro Pub the Iovine Brothers are opened in the market replacing the long standing Beer Garden, named after their mother. ) Above Vinnie Iovine and Challie Gangloff tell me the place is doing well, and I’ll tell you it’s beautiful. They gutted the entire very dated beer garden and created a comfortable, pub with lots of tables inside the space. (I didn’t have anything to eat as I was saving myself for Fish afterwards, but the food looks delicious.)
The party was in full swing when I swung by. They don’t seem to have a website, but you can drop them an email if you want to be added to the invite list here:
I ran into Dennis Nguyen and David Enpoque enjoying a cocktail at the bar. I asked the boys if they had any warm weather plans for the winter, Dennis tells me he’s headed to Miami for the Winter Party. David plans to strategically locate mirrors with sun lamps to make his abode feel like he’s in Miami.
Sandy Smith, Steve McCann and Rob Wright. A few years back Steve created a great sight called Philly Gay Calendar, which lists most of the GLBTQ events going on in the City.
Danielle Cosica, Tyler Michael and Shaun Michael <<< they’re not brothers, not married by both have the same middle name. It’s like the new promise ring in this economy. Coming up Danielle is planning to go to the Finger Lakes to take a wine tour, Tyler’s new year’s resolution is to work out a the gym more, he’s disappointing that he’s slacked off, hmmm wish I had his metabolism and Shaun doesn’t think he’ll have trouble staying warm this winter.
Jeffrey Cos, Colin Likens, Gene Buckley, Paul Steinke, General Manager of the Reading Terminal Market and Jim Peary. Paul is looking forward to a Mexico vacation in March. Just started to do research on it, and is open for suggestions.
Colin Likens, Stormy Lundy, Director of Special Events & Catering at Reading Terminal Market Corp, Chris Cordone, and Bruce Bonner.

Not in any particular order as there was a bit of round robin going on. Lisa Greene, Tracie Palmer, Nellie Fitzpatrick, Melissa Bridge, Jackie Blue (Congratulations Beyonce & Jay on Blu Ivy’s birth), Hope Adams, Gretta Pforzjrif, Allison SacksBob Hotes, Michael Conti, and Mark Mitchell
DJ Carl Michaels aka Karl Michelfelder, Bob Atkinson, Domenic Gallelli, and Jeff Shoblin.
Dominic wears many hats, co-founder of Optimal Sport with Bob Atkinson, as well as the owner of Prodigal Private Security (which secures a lot of the events I attend), and has been involved with various philanthropic endeavors including the Sapphire Fund, which this year is having a fabulous ball, The Sapphire Ball, at the Franklin Institute. A dressy affair, with where guests can wear masks. Kinda reminds me of Truman Copote’s fabulous soiree in the 1960’s at the height of proper society in NYC, The Sapphire Fund was established in 2002 to support the efforts of organizations contributing to the health and well-being of Philadelphia’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community and those who support them. It’s the same night as the Academy Ball so I will be juggles balls sorta speak.
Speaking of fun events, and one where I don’t have a conflict, Valentine to the Market’s gala fundraiser is fast approaching on Saturday February 25, 2012. You’ll recall what fun we had last year.
Pick up tickets for this year’s event, the 120th anniversary of the market too, here.