Breaking It Down: The Flyers Wives Fashion Show & Salty Balls

The Rest of the Story: The Flyers Wives Fashion Show not only benefited the Comcast Spectacor Charities, but was also to debut the Nicole Miller’s new clothing line, Artelier, from her Spring 2012 collection. The event was held at the Hyatt at the Bellevue, where a Nicole Miller store is located, owned by Mary Dougherty. Which no doubt made it convenient to get the clothes transported easily, and to clad the “models” and VIP guests in Nicole Miller clothing. It’s a great marketing tool, and one that is used during the fashion shows in NYC.

Alla Pasternack wearing Stella McCartney, Meredith Hoffman, Stephanie Bachmen, and Michele Seidman.
Lianda Swain, Reiki Practitioner & Life Coach at Lianda’s Natural Sense with dad Ian Swain. Those Swain’s are entrepreneurs go getters.and easy on the eyes. Here’s Lianda and her look a like mom Linda Swain, with Fox 29’s Good Day anchor Mike Jerrick. (No only is Mike Jerrick a fun guy, great ad-libber, but he’s got his finger on the pulse of the pop culture nations. When he did that mocking of the Kardashians back in the summer, he realized that their 15 minutes was up, as it was only a short time after that when the rest of the country got a clue.)
Jim Werner, Angela Val, Tina Wells and Rich Castor and Mary Perenti. Committee member for the nights event

Aisling Hall breaks away from Skyrim to enjoy a night out. It’s nice to see the Flyers Wives out. It doesn’t happen much because most of them are home raising kids, unlike the youngish Phillies players, the hockey players tend to be in their late 20s or early 30s. They are settled.Colette Gabriel, Stephanie Palladino, Juliette Gabriel, Crazy Susan’s Cookie’s – Susan Adair, and Linda Brand.Steven Lagos and Rakia Reynolds – co chair of the Young Friends Event. Honestly I love photographing her as she always brings the style.
A stylish duo: Nicole Rossi, uwishunu writer and Adam Hymans, Donor Engagement Officer at The Philadelphia Foundation, and celebrating a year of bliss with the adorable Kilian Kröll.
The Palm Restaurant: Danielle Grimm and Jim Haney. The Palm was always a place I went to on a special occasion, but in the past few years I find it to be more of a place I enjoy going for the food, as well as to enjoy impeccable service, a delicious meal and of course I want to see who’s there in person and on The Wall. I don’t always have to hit the dining room for a delicious meal, they have a very affordable Happy Hour, I like the late night HH and go to enjoy bites, spirits and again to see who’s there. Times: Philadelphia – 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM – Close Henry A. Davidsen founder and President Brian Lipstein (I’m always confused when I see him, thinking his name should be Henry cause that’s the name of his company.)
Barbs HD Motorcycle was up for a raffle. The ultimate fan swag as it is signed by all the Philadelphia Flyers.
Or you could bid on silent auction swag. Which for me that night was out of my league cause the bids were upwards of $500 for most signed Flyers souvenirs
Amy Stratton, GM of The Sporting Club, WANTS YOUR BODY FOR Fight Night at the Sporting Club march 24, 2012 for charity. We especially need a VIP person for the #1 Card. Are you a former Bachelor? Do you want to kick the ass of a former Survivor, or vice versa? Give her a ring. Free membership and training for 2 months.Shallyn Hatcher, Heather Hatcher, and Taylor Jacobs
LAGOS has a Flyers pendant.
The Flyers Wives event was a huge success. Very laid back, not pretentious, and the players mingled with the guests, posed for pictures and for the most part they were left alone. Sorry I didn’t know this was from Barb’s Harley -Davidson when I wrote about this on Philly Mag or mentioned it on Fox 29. – Barb’s Harley autographed beach cruiser just went for $5000! It’s sock season and Max Talbot goes all out with his Flyers orange socks, velvet sports coat and bow tie (which you can see here over at the 700 Level) This was one party that was hard to crash if you weren’t on the list. There were checkers all over the place, and if you were wandering around without your visible wrist band you were stopped and escorted out. There was a 5PM VIP VIP party (Flyers, sponsors etc) (It was a fashion show, I’m so much more interested in who is sitting in the front row then getting posed photos.) 6PM brought in the VIP tickets $300
My Nicole Miller Contest Winners: Dr. Diane O’Mara and Ms Suzanne Glass
“Suzanne and I had a fabulous time. We saw so many people we knew as well!!! Can’t wait to go next year. Thanks for the opportunity to attend this year. You looked great on [Fox29’s Good Day] morning on the news… nice job!”
Dana Spain and Carol Drumstas, Brown & Forman, who also supplied “The Little Black Dress” wine
The Young Friends Ticket was $100. The doors opened for them at 7:15PM and allowed them to mingle at the VIP party downstairs. When the fashion show started their seats were upstairs. After the show, it was back downstairs to mingle. That was a great deal.
Auctioning a $10,000 bracelet from Lagos. Amazing!!! Mike Jerrick, Mary Dougherty, Steven Lagos, Sheinelle Jones is co-host of “Good Day”, and model with the bracelet.
The Palm Restaurant donated a face on the wall of the restaurant. It went for $2500.

Front row and center Fred and Irene Schabel. Irene won the beach bike.
Thankfully the names of the peeps were on the seats. So before they were filled I scanned them all to see who I wanted to shoot before the event began. It was fairly easy since the Flyers were sitting in the front row. But then it turned out I had didn’t have enough time to really name them all before my media outlets published 7 hrs after I got home.

Flyers WivesTina and Caroline Bolletino hang out with Ilya Bryzgalov. Having shot Ilya last year at the Betsy Ross House when he toured it with his wife, I knew that he was a huge twitterer and would be chronicling his wife of the catwalk. I decided to position myself across from him to catch him in action.
and got one of the most talked about pictures of the night. You can just see how proud he is of his wife. Zyjenia Bryzgalov
Who’d I spot at the event: Front Row: Carl and Karen Buchholz, Ian Swain, Lisa Nutter, else where Mariska Bogle, Lynsie Solomon, Michelle and Bruce Shannon, Carol Tamburino, Sabrina Tamburino Thorne, Lauren O’Dorisio (Happy Birthday today), Jon Christopher, Caitlyn Joyce (sorry I didn’t have a minute to chat.) and one of the producers of the event Mia Christine Colona. great job.
HOT LEGS Lauren Pronger. Scott Hartnell has to cool himself down with a cold one
Mike Jerrick and his biggest fan, Rosalie!The paparazzi train their camera’s on a model. In actuality these peeps really are considered fashion photographers, or event photographers. They look down on that word paparazzi as it has such a negative connotation, although just like any word or title there are extremes. I don’t mind being called a paparazzo or the misused term paparazzi (which I embrace, paparazzo is so boring and singular. Just don’t call me a journalist, I’m a social diarist, or a event chronicler.) cause it defines the kind of shots I’m looking for, quick, exciting, and one that says a thousand words.

Pamcakes. I didn’t have any, they look delicious though. Til next year. So excited. This was an awesome event. MKDA did a great job on the execution and the guest list, plus selling the tickets, The Hyatt, and CTO Entertainment did an excellent job with the music and the lights. Everyone loved DJ Bizz (CTO Entertainment) so much so that I got requests for his song list, and am waiting for it. Check out some great videos of the event over on Crossing Broad. Bromance in the making?
Scott Hartnell and Claude Giroux. Salty Balls!!Michael D’Antuono Maui’s Doghouse in Wildwood specializes in Salty Balls, according to the NY Times. with Jim Werner, Angela Val and Tina Wells. Maui’s Doghouse is opening in the Bellevue Food Court today.

Have an awesome weekend. See you next week for 5 more days of fun events.