The weather outside was frightening, as Philly got it’s 2nd snow storm of the season, but high about the salted streets people were warm and fuzzy enjoying the Third Annual Top of the Tower Valentine’s Day Cabaret with Eddie Bruce.The Top of the Tower Team: Laura Burkhardt, The LaB, Managing Partner Lou Kochman, Mickey Rowley, Partner Top of the Tower, Vanessa Garcia, Guest Services, and Richard Bond.
Nearly 100 people came out for a full course meal, as food stations of lined the hallway outside the ballroom.
Prime Steak Diane with cognac sauce, Lobster Newburg, Cider-glazed organic chicken with fennel jus and Porcini mushroom tortelion in brown butter & sage sauce and Tower Caesar salad with parmesan tullieThere are about 5 rental rooms at the Top of the Tower. There are also terraces which are great for happy hours, sponsor parties and get togethers
City of Hope’s Harry Giordano and Michele DiVeterano. Coming up next for LinkCity of Hope, Let Them Eat Cake on 4/2Matt and Melissa RadicoJim and JoAnn Chadwick
After dinner we headed over to another room to enjoy the sweet sounds of Eddie Bruce

Crooner Eddie Bruce covered Tony Bennett, Liza Minnelli and did an amazing set on Sammy Davis, Jr
JoAnn and Edward Tyson. Every year they go out for a romantic Valentine’s Day date. Each one takes a turn choosing a date. This year JoAnn picked, and Edward couldn’t have been more happy. This event might just become an annual date for them.
John Brigandi, Sarah O’Doherty, Kara and Paul Brigandi
Harry and Lori SchiauiAfter the cabaret, the guests headed back to the dining room, which was now transferred into a cocktail party with dancing.
And as we went into the 3rd hour of the 3rd Annual Valentine’s Day Cabaret, the dance floor filled up. There was touch dancing, fast dancing and I think I even saw someone do the hustle.
Brittany Ballard and Matthew Colip. This was the 2nd time they attended the Eddie Bruce Top of the Tower Valentine’s Day

Andrew Kochman, Loraine Izzo, Kimberly Izzo and Joe Izzo
John Cavuto and Rosina Kagel
Did I mention the views.
Mrs Toub and Mike Toub
Did I mention desserts. It really was a great night. I’ve always loved the Top of the Tower space for parties. It’s the highest rental space in the City with panoramic views, terraces, multiple rooms, a liquor license, it’s own chef and much more. Give them a call.