Actress Cameron Diaz Whirlwind Weekend Visit To Philly

In 2004, Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette filmed Philly author Jennifer Weiner’s bestseller “In Her Shoes” in Philadelphia, and she’s come back a few times but not to do a movie. In 2004 I got this shot of Cameron Diaz filming “In Her Shoes” on Locust Street near 20th. If you look closely Cameron is wearing winter wear even though it was about 75F out.
This past weekend she was in town again. I first heard about it from:
In Philly! Cameron Diaz was sitting next to me on my flight..Always seem to sit next to someone interesting! She’s very sweet.. Going to AC (Mario was at Harrah’s Pool After Dark last night.) Sweet my ass, Cameron is one of those I play a nice girl on film (ie Reese & Jen Aniston), but I can be a bitch to fans and photographers. I’ve photographed her a handful of times and it’s always been a work out to get a good shot. Above she leaves Good Morning America, below she’s leaving the MTV studios. She arrived in Philly yesterday to probably to attend the GlobalDESIGN, the International Showcase of Exceptional Jewelers, at the Convention Center like she did last year during this same period.
She stayed at the Ritz-Carlton on Broad Street. Last night she went to Alma de Cuba (1623 Walnut) with her mom, Billie Diaz an import / export agent . They then walked back to their hotel along Walnut Street, so if you think you saw her you did.Today they headed to brunch at MidTown Continental with 8 people. That girl is not afraid to fly, in less than 24 hrs she is back on a plane and outta her. She’s at the PHL right now to catch a 1:45PM flight.
I did get a text that a guy asked if his 9 year old daughter could pose with her for a photo and she said no. That’s the Cameron Diaz I know. Oh wait she was nice to this girl. I guess if you;re not asking for a photo or autograph she’s decent.
Just interacted with Cameron Diaz at the Philly airport. She is so nice!