My Philly Cooks 2012 Column, More Details On Hop Sing Laundromat & Random Shot

Good morning
Bear with me I had a late night.

Hop Sing Laundromat is on the tip of our tongue ready to open
Lee is everyone’s friend by now. We’ve been all rooting for the opening of his new bar, which I always joke with him is like Willy Wonka’s Factory. There’s so much to look at, and it’s cloaked in secrecy and surprises. Even after he opens it, sometime in this century, you’ll notice new sights and sounds, cause if you know Lee he always has something up his sleeve to keep his guests intrigued. I stopped by yesterday to see the progress and noticed this interesting ladder. “It’s for the bar back” Lee told me. He can climb to any shelf and pull down the desired bottle; and it’s on a sliding system (that’s my word by the way for lack of a thought in my head today.) The bar back can slide the ladder from one side to the other cherry picking bottles off the shelf. He then puts it in a metal slide which hugs the ladder. The slide has felt like material that will dust the bottle as it drops into the bag at the bottom. Right before it drops it goes through a brush that finishes off the dusting before the bottle is served. Of course the bartender will give it a once over too. There’s lots of other nooks and crannies that pertain to the bar, like the spit toon looking bowl, but it’s not a spit toon.

Stopped by Reading Terminal to check out my food selections for Saturday night. It’s like when you win a shopping spree and you want to see where all the Polo Shirts are so you can go there first. Saturday Night is the Valentine to the Market
for $125 you can eat from any of the vendors, but the Amish, dance, drink, and have the run of the place. It’s a lot of fun I covered it last year too. Mike actually goes with me, so that says a lot.


Last night was Philly Cooks 2012.
DANIEL REINHERZ and KYW’s HADAS KUZNITS . Hadas was a judge, but had to run out afterwards to her photography class.
Dave Maser, Allison Young, VP of Public Engagement at the Constitution Center and Jenine and David Neff, Neff PR
Eater’s Hottest Chef of 2012, Jason Cichonski (Ela) getting a smooch from his biggest fan Nicole with Ilana Waber and Sam “is that an IPhone in your Pocket” Shoap. Check out my full column in Philly Mag coverage of the event HERE