Philly’s Getting A Kosher Food Truck

I ran into Joshua Katz a few weeks back at The Heart Ball, and he told me that his family’s restaurant, Max & David’s kosher restaurant which opened in Elkins Park in 2007 , was rolling out a Kosher food truck.

He says that getting the truck up and running wasn’t too difficult as it used to be an operable Mexican food truck. All that was necessary was transferring the licenses, cleaning and sanitizing the truck so that it could serve kosher food and a few minor mechanical adjustments. The truck is just about ready to roll, look for it on a street near you by March 15.
PS Readers: I have a funeral this morning, but will post my Oscar Night Extravaganza and it will go live at 1PM. At 11AM check out Philly Mag for the Trailblazer Award winner and luncheon. See who the new GM is at the Bellevue Hyatt.