Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Korbel Champagne Oscar Party, Philly Style

Hollywood’s biggest night of glamour came to Philadelphia on Sunday as The Ritz-Carlton’s 10 Arts Lounge and Korbel Champagne hosted a Red Carpet Oscar Party with a live Screening of the 84th Academy Awards and the pre-game fashion extravaganza. Special commentary on fashions were doled out by Philadelphia Inquirer fashion writer, Elizabeth Wellington, Vlahos PR fashion specialist Jimmy “Jimmy Style” Contreras and Daily News columnist Jenice Armstrong
On Philly’s red carpet I found Jill Sybesma and Eric Smith looking dapper. I loved the layout of the red carpet. Having been to a few shindigs there, this is the first time someone’s taken a bold step and placed it in the center of the room instead of on the side blocking foot traffic. With a short red carpet people are able to see it clearly, and avoid walking in a picture because they can walk behind you.
The evening also featured a presentation by Saks Fifth Avenue, music by DJ Inga D’Angelo and a “swag lounge” filled with giveaways that include Neuro Drinks, Classified Cosmetics and Maximal Art. (I even saw John Wind there with Joan Shepp.)
Sarah Doheny and John Soden made the drive from their farm house in Hamburg, Pa to check out the scene.

Mikey Il and Allie Harcharek were definitely contenders in the best dressed couple contest
Sue Stauffer and Shawn Murray
The Oscar party had a great gifting suite. You grabbed one of those silver bags, and I use that term lightly as these bags were very good quality lined bags for the beach or a picnic. Then you went from station to station picking out fun items that you wanted in your bag. Great idea.Carol Drumstas, Brown-Forman and Kristin Conrad, Capital Wine and SpiritsPretty in pink: Priya Kothari and Christa Blumenthal
Nathan Volz, Executive Chef and Miguel Hernandez, Director Food & Beverages. Nathan tells me he’s headed up to NYC to spend a few days at Le Bernardin and cook with Eric Ripert in preparation for the Spring Menu. Look for a joint dinner back at 10 Arts with the two chefs at the helm. Good news it looks like contrarily to the rumors floating around that 10 Arts has signed on for another year.
Monique E Maubert and WOGL producer Jamyra Perry. I was sad Monique didn’t know where she got those fly shoes from; kinda matched her necklace.
Camille Laboy, with Philly Photographers Al B and Nell Hoving hang out during the cocktail party. Nell was enjoying her night off, while Al got right to work after this photo.
Stuart Field, with Dara and Ross Donolaw
Hanging out in the VIP balcony area, I ran into Johanna Blyth, Karen Galvin and Joanne Wachman enjoying baby bottles of Korbel
Mac Francis and Megan Stetcher. Megan was paying extra special attention to the show as she was doing a re-cap on Harrisburg’s Fox 43 the next morning.
Here’s the bag in orange. So cute.
Rose Cruz, John Kuntz and Jeff Francis check out the menu. I’d recommend the cheese plate.
Neena Santiago & Robert Johnson
Sarah Cooper Bobersky and Jennifer Delany.
Tanya Schade shows off the VIP pass. What was interesting that at the bottom was 2 blank boxes. Each guest was allowed to glasses of champagne. The bartender would check off the boxes to keep track. So much easier than handing out drink tickets. Love it.
Fairies Christina Klaproth and Jessie Radlow. Look I’m just writing what they told me. They said they were fairies. I love that show “What A Wonderful Life”, so I’m gonna take it on their word just like Clarence.
Lex Wainwright, Lea Wainwright and Thomas Finnegan, R2L manager
Rakia Reynolds, James Claiborne and Kristyn Aldrich.
These were the prizes for the best dressed Male, Female and Couple. Hello winners let’s hope you didn’t give up drinking for Lent, cause it’s gonna take 40 days to drink this monster. Elizabeth Wellington, Jeniece Armstrong and Jimmy Contreras

The Best Dressed Couple: Lex and Elizabeth Terenchin with Carol Drumstas. A star is born. This Oscar event has to be an annual event. It was a golden winner.