KATE GOSSELIN – The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

(Thank gawd i have an editor at Philly Mag. I wrote this kinda fast as I have work to do.)
For the past 3 days I was subjected to the Khater’s (Kate Gosselin haters), the Kate Lovers and then Kate Gosselin chiming in every once in awhile to call me a liar. On Saturday I went to an event and Tweeted I had a photo that would be seen around the world. Here’s what I reported on my Fox 29 appearance , you probably read my Philly Mag column on the subject. The twitter war started by Kate Gosselin was picked up by and then the National Enquirer. The Khaters wanted a scandalous picture, and were my new best friends on Sunday. The Kate lovers wanted me to follow my moral compass and not kiss and tell. Then Kate Gosselin chimed in. She blew the story way out of proportion by tweeting that I was a liar and she didn’t even know what I was going to say. You would think a women under this much scrutiny would know not to react to a random tweet of a local blogger wanting to promote his upcoming media outlets, unless they she was being sly as a fox and knew this would grab the attention of the mass media.

I did ask her to write me so I could tell her what I was going to say, but she didn’t.

When my reports came out Monday morning, the Khaters thought I sold out, cause they are so obsessed with their hate for her they. Then they were accusing me of pulling my pictures saying she pressured me.

The Kate lovers were like I told you so about the Khaters and repeating Kate’s mantra that I hyped it up to get fame and fortune. I did get carried away a bit with promoting my segment.
Seriously this is what happened Saturday night, and my thought process for my LOCAL PHILLY readers as well as my photos being distributed through my agency WENN, where I just sent the photos w/o great details (A good example, PEREZ HILTON who says she went to the event alone, you know why. I didn’t add a story to the photos except to say where the event was. I included other peeps in the set too.)(talk about making crap up, the Radar Online story just ran with it.)

OK here goes: I really thought the money shot was Kate with the Professional Tarot Card Reader Marilyn Sukonick-Zeff. For those of you who thought anyone could get famous off a celebrity for one teeny weeny story (as Kate and her followers have accused me of; let’s face it, I’m sympathetic to Kate, but she’s a D List celebrity sliding into obscurity if something doesn’t happen to change that.) For Me I already have a column in a major magazine in Philly, I have an entertainment segment on a Philly morning show and one of the most popular blogs in the City.

I’ve been photographing celebs for nearly 6 years in NYC. Courtney Love calls me the gentleman paparazzi. Writing about Kate Gosselin helped her career more than mine at this point in our lives. Everything I stated was factual. The bit about her and the Steve walking with his arm around her was not intended to come out. I said it in a private email with Radar Online who wanted the link to my photos. I saw Steve and Kate come out of the carousel room, she was on his right side and I believe I saw his arm around her waist but they it wasn’t a snuggle kind arm wrap, it was a guiding one. Maybe he was consoling her because her dress was too short to ride the carousel, who knows. I didn’t think anything of it. (Sure I wish I took the shot now that it is such a big deal, but at the time I thought I had the fun shot. I think it’s funny that the Khaters don’t see the humor in the shot I got.)
Comment from a Khater on a message board.

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No balls, no glory. Dumb ass journalism at its very best. Maybe Steve called him and threatened to delete his camera OR maybe Katie was right (gasp), he was trying to make a name for himself. OR maybe she cried to his boss, “Please stop your photog from publishing the picture of Steve with his hand up my dress and his tongue down my throat! I won’t be able to feed my kids their daily slop, I mean, meals. And I won’t able to cloth them with donated, I mean cheap, I mean clothes I buy on sale with coupons.”NO balls, NO glory! Only ridicule for being a kool aide drinker. Sheeple are saying the non-fans were punked. Dumb asses, the photog was castrated! That’s my storyline and I’m sticking to it.devil

I say get a life and leave Kate alone, but as long as you’re not I’ll be photographing her and now the Phila American Red Cross chapter is know on a national level. Thanks. I hope does more events in Philly, and I hope she brings more press to these events. She has 80,000 followers, and polarizing or not she is a celebrity that attracts press and readers.
There’s a whole list of things the Khaters could do to protect children than to attack Kate Gosselin. Don’t buy the magazines, or visit the entertainment sites, step away from the computer, take a look at your own life. What’s your cat doing right now, do they need to be petted, your dog walked, your kids hugged? Check out what I thought of Bethenny Frankel’s reality in my Philly Mag column. She might be mad I blew the cover on her cozy life. What I don’t understand is these ladies call themselves Christians, but they torture and judge Kate. Odd especially during Lent. Ladies, her show is over. Your work here is done. It was like you weren’t satisfied until I had Kate Gosselin’s head on a skewer. I guess when you do a reality tv show and open yourself up, you give permission for others to judge you. But the Khaters should ask themselves why are so obsessed? I love this site and how wrong they got the story, but fun to see Kate is getting some press again. Whispering Down The Lane theory proven: Rumor Fix If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then Steve and Kate are dating people. Kate take the advice I said on my morning segment the other day. Pitch a new story, Kate Plus 8 and the Bodyguard, the next chapter. No doubt it will be a ratings bonanza with the Khaters and the Lovers tuning in week after week, then burning up the message boards with their opinions. You still got it girl. (BTW if you’re a fan of Kate Plus 8 they’re going on a cruise and you can too: )